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What happens when you delete a Marco Polo?

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  1. Deleting a person removes your access to all Polos in this conversation and the other person will be automatically removed from the conversation.

If you’re a Marco Polo customer, nothing much. If you’ve still got the app on your phone, it’ll continue to work just as before. The only thing which will affect you is that going forwards, we won’t be automatically pushing out any updates to the app – in order for us to do so, you’d have to manually check for and download them. We hope you agree that this makes sense: if an app isn’t doing what’s expected of it then it makes sense to update it or fix it. But if an app works well and does what it promises then there’s no need to mess with something which isn’t broken.

Does deleting Marco Polo mean the end of the road for Abstergo ‘s plans for us? Will we never spy on our fellow Assassins again? No — we’ll still be monitoring your activities in Assassin’s Creed: Memories, and you’ll soon see how the Abstergo Story Network is going to reward you for your efforts. And that’s all I can say about it, for now.

We’ve had a great time building this product with you, but now it’s time to hand things over to the development team at Ubisoft who will take care of Assassin’s Creed: Memories from hereon. We’d like to thank all those involved in creating and supporting Marco Polo – it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

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What happens if I want to keep playing Marco Polo?

You’re welcome to continue using Marco Polo for as long as you’d like, but the service will no longer be available after Sunday 30th November.

You will still be able to log in and play until that date, so please make the most of it! As we bring down the servers, access to all features will cease to exist. [EDIT: Data from this point onwards is speculative]

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What happens if I haven’t connected my Facebook account yet?

If you have not linked your account with Facebook by our ‘cut-off’ date on Sunday 30th November 2014, then you can complete this process at any time before the end of December.

From January 2015 onwards, connecting your Ubisoft account with Facebook simply won’t be possible anymore.


What happens when you delete a Marco Polo?

Deleting the account will not automatically delete any messages you’ve sent. To delete certain messages, do so before deleting your account. To verify you’re the owner of this account, input the phone number associated with it.

Can you tell if someone watched your Marco Polo?
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When you open a conversation, you’ll see the storyline along the bottom. This displays all of your chats, divided into those that have happened recently and those from before. On every chat is an icon indicating how the receiver has interacted with it – if they watched it or played one of your games in it, for example.

Do Marco Polo videos go away?

Your current Polos are automatically deleted when you stop using the app for a year or more, unless all users in the chat open their Marco Polo app every 365 days.

How do I delete old Marco Polo videos?

Find the Polo thumbnail in the video list. Tap and hold that thumbnail for 3 seconds until an “x” appears. Press Delete to delete from one side of the conversation, or press Confirm Delete to delete from both sides of the conversation at once.

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