What Happens When You Restrict Someone on Instagram?

Incidents such as harassment and bullying are well-known problems on the Internet. Users are targeted through social media such as Instagram for such activities. To combat this same problem, Instagram launched the restrict feature for all its users. What is the Restrict function on Instagram? What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram? And What remains as usual after the restriction?

The restrict function primarily stops the restricted users from direct messages, comments on posts, and seeing you when you are active on the platform. It does not entirely block the user, nor will it stop them from messaging you or commenting on your post. But it will not make the messages direct and also not make the comments public.

Suppose you are also experiencing bullying or harassment by some person on Instagram. Or even your relatives poting embarrassing comments on your posts, you may find this Restrict function useful. Read ahead for a more detailed explanation and to know ‘What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram?’

What Is The Restrict Function On Instagram?

Restrict function is introduced to combat online harassment or bullying and protect users from unwanted messages, comments, and spam activities. As most social media is being overrun by fake IDs, which are responsible for most Internet problems, these functions are crucial to safeguard real users. They are being introduced across most social media platforms.

This Restrict function in Instagram, in particular, is a beneficial function that will restrict an account’s ability to reach out to you through messages, comments, and other means. You can use this function and restrict someone on your account.

Once they are restricted, they will still be able to send messages to you, but Instagram will direct the messages to message requests instead of your main inbox. They will also be able to comment on your posts, but they will not be public. And they will also not be able to see when you are Active on Instagram.

What Happens When You Restrict Someone on Instagram?

If you face harassment, bullying, unwanted messages, over-enthusiastic followers, and over-apply relatives, you can turn on this feature for them and be at peace. Even though you have restricted them on your account, it will not unfollow them or place them on a blocked list. For them, there will not be any changes when interacting with you. But on your side, you will see the following changes.

The Messages Will Be Redirected To Message Requests

The person you restricted will still be able to send you messages. They will see your account as usual on their message box and will be able to send you messages as usual. But on your side, Instagram will redirect the messages to the Message requests section rather than directly into your message inbox. 

Instagram will not notify you about the messages; if you want to know or read the messages, you need to go to the message requests section from your inbox and read the messages. In addition, you will not be able to reply to them unless you remove them from the restricted list.

The Comments They Make Will Be Hidden

Also, they can see your posts as usual. They will also see your stories and visit your profile as if nothing has changed. They can also comment and like your content. But on your side, Instagram will hide the comments from the public. So neither other people can see the comments, nor will you.

Also, the app will not notify you about the comments they made. This is because no one can see the comments except themselves. But in case you want to see the comments, you can click the hidden comment button on the post and see it. You can also allow the comment to be publicly visible if you want.

They Will Not See You Active On Instagram

This is another important benefit. Whenever two friends on Instagram are online, they can see each other as Active with the red dot on their account profile. But when you restrict someone on Instagram, they will not be able to see your Active status and will never know if you are online or not.

This is beneficial as they won’t be able to disturb you with their messages and will also not know if you are online. In addition, this will eventually make them stop what they are doing as they will not see you online.

These three things happen when you restrict someone on Instagram. This feature is very useful for your safety from online bullies, overenthusiastic followers, and unwanted relatives. But is there something that will not change?

What Will Not Change When You Restrict Someone On Instagram?

As stated, the direct communication methods will be stopped when you restrict someone on your Instagram. Although they will not be able to communicate with you, they will still be able to see your posts, stories, and other content as usual.

For them, nothing will change, they will still be able to send you messages, like your post, and comment on them, but all that will change is on your side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the ‘What Happens When You Restrict Someone on Instagram?’ question are taken from the Internet.

Will Someone Get To Know If I Restrict Them On Instagram?

No, the person you restrict will never know exactly if you have restricted them or not. But, if they are smart, they will eventually guess they are restricted when they check their comments on your posts from another account.

What Is The Difference Between Restrict And Block On IG?

The key difference between Restrict and Block on Instagram is that Restrict function will not unfollow the user by default, but the Block function will block them forever. The person will also never know if they are restricted, but they will surely know if they are blocked.

What Can Restricted Friends See On Instagram?

Restricted friends can see everything as usual, and nothing will change on their side. The only changes that will take place are on your side.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Hiding Their Instagram Stories?

You cannot tell if someone has hidden their Instagram stories. This is to protect the user’s privacy, according to Instagram.

How Can You Tell If Someone Muted You On Instagram?

There is no straightforward way to know if someone has muted you on Instagram. However, you can assume that if they didn’t interact with your content for very long, they would not be able to see the contents if they muted you.

Restrict Function on Instagram

Therefore, the answer to your question ‘What Happens When You Restrict Someone on Instagram’ is :

That the person will not appear in your message inbox but will be directed to the message request box. Their comments will not be visible to the public except for themselves. And they will not see your Active status on the platform.

The Restrict function in Instagram has been a crucial tool in fighting bullying and harassment on the platform. And also safeguarding the user’s interest.

I Hope we answered your question and provided valuable information to you.

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