What Is Gws_rd SSL on Google?

If you’ve tried to visit Google on your browser and the URL ‘https www Google com gws_rd SSL’ pops up, you may get confused and think it’s a malware attack. But, this is quite normal, and it’s not a virus. If you’re wondering, ‘what is Gws_rd SSL on Google?‘ This article will teach what this means and everything you need to know.

What Does Gws-rd mean?

GWS, which stands for Google Web Services, is a cloud computing platform provided by Google. GWS allows you to encrypt your traffic before it is sent to Google. Not even Google can track your browsing history or see your data. GWS allows users to create and manage web applications using one platform. If you see the error message “gws_rd=SSL,” it may be that your web server is not configured to use SSL/TLS, or you have been redirected to the more secure HTTPS site.

What Is Gws_rd=SSL on Google?

Google often makes changes to its protocols to improve security. Google made changes to its search engine, which is why you may see ‘gws_rd=ssl’ on Google. When you try to visit a website that has ‘HTTP’ at the start of its URL, you will be redirected to its HTTPS site. ‘Gws_rd=SSL’ is the address Google uses to take the user to the new address.

How To Fix Gws_rd=SSL Error?

If you see the error message “gws_rd=SSL,” it is possible that your server is not configured to use SSL/TLS. Below are some ways to fix this problem.

1. Make sure your web browser is configured properly to use SSL/TLS.

2. Enable TLS support in your browser. Do this using the steps below:

  • Using Firefox, open about:config in the URL bar.
config in the URL bar
  • Type in “TLS.” 
What Is Gws_rd SSL on Google
  • select “network.version.tls” then set it to “1“.
What Is Gws_rd SSL on Google
What Is Gws_rd SSL on Google

On Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Options and click on the Security tab.
  • Under Secure Connections, change the value of TLS to “true.”

On Chrome

  • Open Chrome://flags/#enable-tls and change the value to “true.”
  • Another simple way to remove gws_rd=SSL on Google is to ensure you use “HTTPS” and not “HTTP” in the URL.

Now you have the answer to ‘What is Gws_rd=SSL on Google?‘ read on to see similar questions users ask, in case you have other queries.


What Is The Difference Between HTTPS And SSL?

The main difference between HTTPS and SSL is that HTTPS is a standard internet security protocol, while SSL is an advanced protocol used in HTTPS to encrypt data. This encryption ensures that no one can use any user information.

Why Does Google add HTTPS?

The reason for adding HTTPS to Google’s URL is for increased security. This change was enforced after 2018 for all websites.

Why Does Google Create A Secure HTTPS Connection?

 User Data protection is important to Google. This is why it creates a more secure HTTPS Connection.

Should I enable SSL On My Website?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, enabling SSL on your website will ensure your site’s traffic is protected and cannot be read by third parties. It can also improve your site’s ranking in search engines.

What Does SSL Stand For?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This protocol protects user information by encrypting it before it is sent to Google.

How Do I Turn Off SSL?

If you use Chrome, you must update your browser as Google removed SSL from its versions later than 38. To turn off SSL on your browser using Firefox, open Firefox and type in “about:config” in the address bar. Type “TLS” in the search field and click on security.tls.version, and type “1,” then hit “Ok.”
On Internet Explorer, click the Gear and select Internet Options. Select the Advanced Tab, and scroll down to the security section. Find “Use SSL” and “Use TLS” options and uncheck SSL 3.0, 2.0 and TLS 1.1, then click “Apply.”

Use of HTTPS

The use of HTTPS was made compulsory by Google to improve security. If you see ‘Gws_rd=ssl’ while trying to load a page or login to websites, don’t get confused and wonder, ‘what is Gws_rd SSL on Google ?‘. It’s not some malware, and it’s simply an address that takes you to a more secure HTTPS site.

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