What Is McDonald’s Curbside Pickup?

McDonald’s is a classic, long-running American fast-food chain known for its delicious burgers and fries worldwide. Are you confused about what Mcdonald’s curbside pickup is? This article will clarify it for you.

The curbside pickup service is an excellent addition to the trend of providing convenient business service. One of the businesses that have hopped on the trend of curbside pickup is Mcdonald’s.

What Is Mcdonald’s Curbside Pickup?

As customers worldwide quickly settle for online orders and home delivery, this new normal has come to stay.

McDonald’s is one of the world’s first choices for fast food. Its curbside service completely changes the game for online ordering and pickup. This curbside service is available in over 1000 outlets in America.

Mcdonald’s curbside pickup is an online order service option on the app. This curbside pickup lets you place an order for your favorite dish and pick it up at the closest outlet without queueing.

Let’s go a bit further to clarify it for you. The McDonald’s curbside pickup is like a contactless drive-thru with a modification of ordering online and picking up in-store. This service features less communication with the staff at the curbside pickup outlet.

This Mcdonald’s convenient service feature lets you order food via the online app. When your order is ready, you will get an email notification to pick it up within a given window. It is far more convenient than the drive-thru option.

Keep reading this article if you don’t know how to use this Mcdonald’s curbside pickup service.

How To Do Mcdonald’s Curbside Pickup?

Using this Mcdonald’s service is game-changing. Follow these steps carefully to use Mcdonald’s curbside pickup.

Step 1

Download the Mcdonald’s mobile app and register or sign up if you don’t have an account.

Step 2

Place an order via the app.

Step 3

Once you’re close to a participating curbside pickup restaurant, check in via the mobile app.

Step 4

Once checked in, the restaurant will start preparing your order.

Step 5

You can decide to pay online using your convenient payment method or on sight.

Step 6

Wait for a confirmation email that your order is ready.

Step 7

Drive closer to the participating curbside pickup fast food outlet.

Step 8

Check-in to confirm your presence.

Step 9

Wait for a Mcdonald’s staff member to deliver your order. You’ll receive your order through your car window to maintain a safe distance between you and the staff.

That’s all you need to do to enjoy Mcdonald’s curbside pickup service.

The Difference Between Mcdonalds Curbside Pickup And In-Store Pickup

Mcdonald’s curbside pickup doesn’t require you to get out of your car before you can get your order. In contrast, in-store pickup requires you to place an order online, and when you arrive at the fast food restaurant, you walk in to get your order.

Tips About The Mcdonald’s Curbside Pickup Service

You have to place an order online before visiting a participating curbside outlet.

If you’re paying online, ensure your payment method details are accurate.

You’d get charged if you checked in after placing an order instantly.

If you’ve not checked in via the app, your order will remain pending, and you won’t get charged.

If you placed an order but can’t pick up the order, you can ask someone to do so for you, but they’ll have to use your phone to check in.

The curbside pickup waiting time varies according to the quantity of your order. On average, the preparation and handover time is approximately 10–25 minutes.

If you notice a missing item in your order, contact the participating curbside outlet, and a staff member will attend to you immediately.


How Do I Provide Feedback For The Curbside Pickup Outlet?

McDonald’s provides top-notch service in all its fast food outlets. Sometimes this experience can go haywire. No matter your experience, there’s a transparent feature that lets you provide feedback for the curbside pickup outlets. To do this, tap More at the bottom of the McDonald’s app. Tap on Careers, Contact & Legal, then select Review from the drop-down menu.

What If I Got Charged For A Product That Was Not Available?

While ordering via the McDonald’s mobile app, products unavailable in some locations will be labeled “unavailable.” This tag will deter you from processing an order. If you use a previous order to reorder and it contains unavailable items. You’d get an error message on your screen telling you that your order can’t be processed.

What Payment Methods Does McDonald’s Accept For Curbside Pickup?

The curbside pickup service is available only in the United States. After placing a curbside pickup order, you can pay using your Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. A United States bank must issue your payment card. For iOS device users who have registered their card in Apple Wallet, the Apple Pay payment option will appear on your screen as a payment method.

How Do I Find A McDonald’s Curbside Pickup Accessible Fast Food?

To enjoy convenience, you can use the McDonald’s mobile app to find a curbside pickup accessible fast food. To do this, tap More at the bottom of your screen, tap on Location, and use the search bar to locate the fast food on the map. You can use the filter option to narrow down your search.

What Happens If I Can’t Locate My Parking Spot Number For Curbside Pickup At McDonald’s?

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. You can quickly resolve it. You need to go through the drive-thru or go to the safety park and go in-store to pick up your food. Reach out to a staff member and let them know you chose a curbside pickup service and you’re having trouble locating your parking spot.


The Mcdonald’s curbside pickup service experience is something you have to try. You won’t regret it! Thank you for sticking with us until the end. We hope you find all the information you want about McDonald’s curbside pickup in this article. If you have further questions, drop them off with us in the comment box, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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