What Is The Meaning Of CWTS In NSTP?

The youth have a huge role to play in nation-building. These young men and women are the ones that will be leading and serving the country in the near future. One program that encourages the youth to be leaders and volunteers to serve the country as needed is the Civic Welfare Training Service under the National Service Training Program.  This guide will enlighten you on What Is The Meaning Of CWTS In NSTP.

What is the National Service Training Program?

The National Service Training Program is a Philippine government-run civic education and defense program that is a requirement for all higher education students, including those in vocational schools. It stems from the government’s responsibility to serve and protect the citizens of the country. And to do so, the government may call on the citizens of the country to defend the state. NSTP is a program designed to prepare those citizens for the eventuality of having to defend and serve the country.

What is the difference between ROTC and NSTP?

Some people liken NSTP to ROTC. The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is a training program to prepare students for future service in the country’s armed forces, thus, it specializes in military training. In NSTP, ROTC is just one component. The other two are Literacy Training Service and CWTS. All three are given equal implementation in the implementing institutions.

What is CWTS or Civic Welfare Training Service?

Let’s focus on our primary question, “What Is The Meaning Of CWTS In NSTP?” CWTS is more involved in activities that contribute to the betterment of the lives of the community members. The program focuses on involving its participants in tasks geared towards improving health, safety, education, recreation, morals, entrepreneurship, and the environment of the citizens. 

Individuals who complete the training become members of the National Service Reserve Corps. These individuals will be tapped to participate in the literacy, disaster risk reduction, and civic welfare programs of the state.


What is the importance of NSTP CWTS to students?

Individuals who graduate from CWTS will become members of the National Reserve Service Corps and may be tapped to participate in literacy and civic welfare programs during calamities. The program will teach students how to teach, hold feeding programs, organize medical outreaches, and more.

What is the main objective of NSTP?

Its main objective is to encourage and train the youth to engage in nation-building activities. These activities include teaching young learners and holding feeding programs.

Why should you choose CWTS?

NSTP-CWTS enhances the participants’ communication and organizational skills. It also helps further interpersonal relationships because the tasks involve interacting with different types of people. It makes participants recognize the importance of health and literacy education.

What will happen to the graduates of CWTS and LTS?

Graduates of both the CWTS AND LTS programs become members of the NSRC or National Service Reserves Corps. They may be called on to participate in civic welfare activities under the various departments of the government, such as DND, CHED, or TESDA.

What are CWTS NSTP’s core values?

The core values of the program are self-discipline, patriotism, love of God and humanity, volunteerism, and general commitment to personal and social change.

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