What Is Unenroll in Google Classroom?

The existence of the covid pandemic led to online classes that enabled learning to continue uninterrupted. Google classroom was among the popular inventions, and many may not know how it works. The Google classrooms have various options, depending on how the admin sets the classroom when he creates them. If you have heard of Unenrolled or have seen the option, and wondering what will happen when you click on it, don’t worry. This post has explained what unenroll does and how it can be used on various devices. This article includes a detailed guide on What Is Unenroll in Google Classroom.

What are the Methods of Unenrolling in Google Classroom

Various platforms offer various features to enable achieving a given purpose. The unenroll button is one of the buttons you may encounter in Google classroom, and you wonder what will happen if you click on it.

The unenroll feature is great for enabling users to easily exit classes they are no longer subscribed to. If there is that one class on Google classroom you have completed and want to leave; the unenroll button enables you to achieve that.

What Is Unenroll in Google Classroom

Additionally, it is possible to find yourself enrolled in the wrong class by accident. In such a case, instead of placing the work of removing some learners from the class, you can click on unenroll and exit the class if it is unarchived.

If you find yourself enrolled in the wrong class, you can unenroll yourself using a smartphone or computer, as indicated here. 

Unenroll in Google Classroom On Computer

  1. Visit the Google classroom website on a browser.
  2. Go to the specific class you wish to unenroll from.
  3. Tap on the three vertical dots icon beside the class.
  4. Click on the Unenroll option.
  5. Click on Unenroll the second time.

Unenroll in Google Classroom On Mobile Phone

If you are using an iPhone or Android phone, you can install the Google Classroom application and use it to unenroll from a classroom.

What Is Unenroll in Google Classroom
  1. Launch the Google Classroom application.
  2. Besides the class, you wish to unenroll from, click on the three horizontal dots icon.
  3. Select the Unenroll option.
  4. Click on Unenroll again to confirm.

You will notice that the unenroll button prevents you from seeing the class anymore. When you cannot see a class, it means you cannot participate in it. You may not see the unenroll option when the admin has archived the class. The measure is taken to prevent participants from exiting a class.

FAQs On Unenroll in Google Classroom

What is Unenroll in Google Classroom?

Unenroll is an option that users that no longer want to participate in a class use to exit it. When a person taps on unenroll, a class that used to appear disappears making, it impossible to take part in such a class. The unenroll option has been available on Google Classroom because if a person is accidentally enrolled in a class, they can use it to exit.

Why Can’t I Unenroll from a Google Classroom?

The unenroll option may be disabled in other classes. When the option is not available, it means once you are enrolled in a class, you cannot unenroll unless given permission by the admin. Admins of classes have used the archive option to limit participants from unenrolling from classes. If you are enrolled in a class accidentally, you must communicate with the admin first.

Are Google Classrooms Important?

Google Classrooms have proved to be essential for tracking the performance of students. As a teacher, when a student forgets to submit their assignments, you can check their history and know when they started doing the work and all the edits they have made. Moreover, Google Classrooms makes it easy to have collaborators added.

How Do I Leave a Google Classroom on My Computer?

Users accessing Google classroom through their computer can easily exit a class from the browser. They only need to open their preferred browser and open Google Classroom. Besides a class that you wish to exit, click on the three dots icon and tap the unenroll option. You will be asked if you are sure you want to end participation in the class. Click confirm the second time, and the class will be deleted immediately.

What Happens If I Click on Unenroll on Google Classroom?

The unenroll option will remove you from participating in a class once you click on it. It is advisable to see the option when you have completed a class or are wrongly enrolled in a given class. Otherwise, don’t press the option because it will remove the class from the available options requiring you to talk to the admin if you want to participate.


If you are looking for a great tool to access information, Google Classroom is the place. Many learning institutions have used online learning platforms, but it is understandable if you don’t know how it works and what some of their features do. The unenroll is one of the options on Google Classroom, and before you tap on it, learn in this guide what will happen.

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