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What is Yalla live?

Best Answer:
  1. Yalla is a popular Live Group Voice Talking and Entertaining Community.
  2. Where hundreds of thousands of users gather to talk about anything.
  3. Play games with individuals from all around the world or from your neighborhood.
  4. It’s never been easier to meet new pals.
  5. Select live rooms from THOUSANDS of live rooms each day.
  6. Filter rooms by Nations or Topics.

How to use Yalla App?


How popular is Yalla app?

According to the company, it has about 12.5 million users and 309.5 million hours of engagement in its “live voice chat rooms” at the end of June 2020. 5.4 million of them were paying customers during the same time period.

Who uses Yalla?
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Yalla is an Arabic word that’s one of the most frequent words in Israeli slang. Yalla is a term that may be used to encourage someone to accomplish anything, but with the appropriate tone, you can also convey various meanings.

What is the best voice chat application?

Mumble. Element (formerly Riot) is available on Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Discord is a popular alternative to TeamSpeak. SteamChat is another way to communicate with other players in the same game or across games through an online client. TeamSpeak has been replaced by voice chat from Blizzard for all?

Who is the founder of Yalla?
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Klaus Kajetski, an esports trailblazer in the Middle East, is the Founder of Yalla Esports, one of the region’s most successful export organizations. He has been actively involved in developing the regional esports environment.

Is Yalla a Chinese company?

Yalla Group Limited is a social networking and entertainment company based in the United Arab Emirates that aims to provide Middle Easterners with better online social interactions by offering superior online social experiences.

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