What Size Is 305/55R20?

You might be seeing different markings on tires and block letters, which makes no sense when you try to read it. But the markings are there for a reason. There is mainly two primary importance of tire marking, it gives us information about the size and specifications of the tire, and it also lets us know that the tire has passed the safety standards. When looking at your tire, you might see marking like 305/55R20 and be confused with what it means. In this article, we will take you through what 305/55R20 on your tire really means and other equivalent tire sizes.

What Size is 305/55R20? What does it mean?

Let’s head onto the meaning of each symbol or number in the 305/55R20. The 305 denotes the width of the tire, which is 305 millimeters. The 55 indicates the aspect ratio of the tire is 55, meaning that the sidewall height is 55% of the tire’s width. R stands for Radial, a construction method of the tire that impacts functionality. Whereas 20 denotes the diameter of the rims, the tire is meant to fit in. 

Regarding inches, the equivalent tire size of 305/55R20 is 33.2x12R20. The 305/55R20 on tires means that your tire is 33.2” tall, has a circumference of 104.3”, has a section width of 12”, and fits wheels with a diameter of 20”. You can fit the 305/55R20 tires on the wheels with a rim width of 20”x8.5”-11”. 

  • Tire Diameter: 33.2 inches(844 mm)
  • Tire Section Width: 12 inches(305mm)
  • Rim Diameter: 20 inches(508mm)
  • Sidewall Height: 6.6 inches(168 mm)
  • Circumference: 104.3 inches(2650mm)
  • Revs/Mile: 608 per mile(377 per km)

Other Tire Size Equivalent to 305/55R20

It is always better to go for the recommended tire size, but due to some reasons, the recommended tire might not be available. In that case, you can stay within the 3% range of the tire diameter. If you are not sure about what size to get, consult with experts or get the one recommended by the manufacturer.

  • 275/60R20: 32.5-inch diameter, 10.4-inch width, 20-inch wheel size
  • 275/60R20: 33.0-inch diameter, 10.8-inch width, 20-inch wheel size
  • 285/60R20: 33.5-inch diameter, 11.2-inch width, 20-inch wheel size
  • 295/60R20: 33.9-inch diameter, 11.6-inch width, 20-inch wheel size
  • 305/54R20: 33.0-inch diameter, 13.5-inch width, 20-inch wheel size
  • 375/45R20: 33.3-inch diameter, 14.8-inch width, 20-inch wheel size
  • 275/65R20: 34.1-inch diameter, 10.8-inch width, 20-inch wheel size

FAQs On Tire Markings

What do other markings mean on a tire?

There are other markings on the tire besides the size of the tire. For example, you might see P/LT written, which denotes tires for Passenger vehicles or Light Trucks. You can also see the speed rating on the tire for different symbols, including Z, W, S, and T indicating maximum speed. It also has a load index, which denotes the maximum load the tire can withstand.

Why are tire markings necessary?

Tire markings are essential for the user to know about their tire and the capacity of their tire. The sidewall marking on the tire is part of the safety markings on the tire. It lets you know that the tire has passed the safety standard test. The tire markings also contain information about the size and dimension of the tire, the manufacturing date, the maximum speed and load the tire can withstand, and other information like inflation and the type of vehicle it is manufactured for.

Can I buy tires without markings?

All the tires you can commercially buy will have markings on the tire, indicating that they have passed the safety standards. It is good to have markings on the tire as they let you know the size dimension of the tire and how much load the tire can withhold, the maximum speed, and the manufacturing date. Overall, it is much helpful to have markings on the tire, and it is hard for you to buy tires without those markings.

What tire size is 285/55R20?

The 285/55R20 is a tire with a diameter of 32.4 inches. The tire has a sidewall height of 6.2 inches and a rim diameter of 20 inches. The tire has revolutions of 623 rev/mile or 387 rev/km.

What is tire size equivalent to 295/60R20?

After converting 295/60R20 to inches, the equivalent tire size is 33.9×11.6R20. The tire has a  section width of 11.6 inches, a tire diameter of 33.9 inches, and a rim diameter of 20 inches. The sidewall height is 7 inches, its circumference is 106.4 inches, and its revolutions of 595 per mile or 369 per km.

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