What Will Happen if I Delete the Instagram App?

Instagram offers various features like liking a post, commenting, following, and unfollowing people. All these features have made the platform suitable for marketing some business brands and connecting with friends. Instagram can be accessed through the website or the mobile application. If you are wondering what will happen to your content if you delete the Instagram app, read this post to clarify your doubts!

What Will Happen if You Delete the Instagram App?

Did you know you can delete the Instagram app without affecting your Instagram account? When the app is deleted, no information is lost. Most of your Instagram Data will be safe as it is not stored on your phone’s local storage but in the cloud. 

Your Instagram profile will remain public, and people can search and view it. If you have posted, people will continue to view the posts, comment, and like them, but you will not be able to see them unless you use the website to access your account. To help you understand the impact of deleting your Instagram application, let’s consider what will happen to the following data:

Published Stories and Posts

When your Instagram app is deleted, your stories and posts will still be available on your profile. Anyone can search for the account and access all your published posts if it is public. Moreover, if you have published a story, it will be displayed to your followers as usual and disappear after 24 hours.

Saved Drafts

It is normal to have drafts saved on your Instagram. When you save a draft, it gets stored on your local storage. Unfortunately, if you delete the Instagram account before publishing the drafts, they will all be lost, as they are stored locally. Thus, publishing drafts before deleting the Instagram application is advisable if you want to access them in the future. 


Your followers’ list will not be affected in any way after deleting the Instagram app. The only time you can lose a follower is if he unfollows you. Moreover, even if you don’t have an Instagram application, you can still get new followers. 

Instagram Messages

Your Instagram messages are saved in the cloud. Thus, if you log in through another device, you will access all the messages you have sent or received. Moreover, if one of your friends texts you, you will get the message in your inbox whenever you access your account. 


Unfortunately, deleting the Instagram app leads to missed notifications. But once logged into your account, all missed notifications will be accessed easily. 

Likes and Comments

All likes and comments Instagram users make are stored in the cloud. That being said, it means you can later access them when you have access to your account. 

Additionally, when one deletes the Instagram app, your friends will only notice you have been inactive, but no one will know you have uninstalled the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Be Logged Out of My Account if I Delete the Instagram App?

Yes. Deleting the account will result in you being logged out of that device. But still, you can access your account if you have access to your email and password. You must log in if you install the application again on your mobile phone.

Will I Lose My Archives and Highlights for Deleting My Instagram App?

Archives and highlights are not affected because of uninstalling the Instagram app. Instagram links all your archived data and highlights to your account, meaning you can access them from the account as long as your Instagram account is not deleted. 

How Will I Delete My Instagram App Without Deleting My Photos?

After deleting the application, Instagram lets you see all your data, including photos. However, if you delete your account, you will not access any photos or data because it will also be deleted. Thus, you can still access your photos even after deleting the Instagram app.

What Does it Mean to Delete Instagram App?

Deleting an Instagram app involves removing the platform on your mobile device. It does not mean you have deleted your account when you uninstall it. When an app is deleted, you will not access it again, nor will you be sent notifications regarding the application. To Access your account, you need to install the app or the website. 

Can I Access My Instagram Account without the Instagram Application?

Yes. Your account will be accessible if you do not delete the account. You can use someone’s phone to log into your account or a computer to access it via the website. 

Your Instagram Data is Safe

The Instagram mobile application enables you to access your Instagram account without always entering your password. But, What Will Happen if I Delete the Instagram App?

If you accidentally delete the app, the good news is that all the data except saved drafts will be safe. Any data, like messages and posts, are saved on the cloud, meaning it is saved without having the app. However, before deleting the app, ensure your saved drafts have been saved if you want to access them in the future.

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