When Is Tru Or Die Coming Out On PS4?

Tru Or Die’s launch date has been much anticipated by video game players worldwide. Now the game is available on Microsoft Windows. The game is a fantastic single-player and multiplayer role-playing game with a Chicago setting. Since the release of its first version in May 2022, players have been yearning to play this superb game on PS4. If you’re one of these players, you’ll find the Tru Or Die PS4 release date In this article.

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When Is Tru Or Die Coming Out On PS4?

Taking over the city of Chicago, aka Chiraq, is adventurous. Unfortunately, Tru Or Die Inc. has issued no official statement regarding the Tru Or Die PS4 release date. Never miss out on the latest updates on the Tru Or Die release date on PS4 by following their Instagram page.


Is Tru Or Die Multiplayer?

Yes, Tru Or Die has a multiplayer feature. The Chicago hood-themed video game expanded its playing features to the multiplayer world. As a player, you can connect with other players via the internet. In the game, you’ll take over Chicago, drive cars, sell drugs, and explore the city of Chiraq while role-playing with other online players.

Who Is Tru Hunnit?

Tru Hunnit is a famous American rapper and songwriter. His singles “Do it again” and “No Hook” made him go viral in the American music industry. He was one of Tru Or Die’s game developers’ inspirations while they worked on the game. Tru Or Die focuses on telling the story of Chiraq through video games.

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Before I install Tru Or Die, What Should I Know?

The basic knowledge you should have about this game is its system requirements. Tru or die is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system 10 64 bits, windows 8.1 64 bits, windows 8 64 bits, and windows 7 64 bits service pack. Another vital piece of information is the processor. This game is compatible with the Intel Core 2 Quad CPU.

Can I Play Tru OR Die Split Screen On My Computer?

Since its launch, players have questioned if Tru Or Die can split screen. Unfortunately, this role-playing video game can’t be split screen. In its newer version, we look forward to this feature across the Xbox and PlayStation platforms.


The much-anticipated video game based in Chicago has been released on the PC platform. In this article, we’ve clarified this game’s release date on the PS4 platform. If you have additional questions about Tru or Die, drop them in the comment box, and we’ll respond to them in our next article.

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