Where do photos go when permanently deleted?

All our phones and desktops will be filled with a lot of photos that we took on different occasions. And sometimes, we delete some photos on our phones permanently. We know that temporarily deleted files go to recycle bin. But we don’t know where the permanently deleted photos go. In this article, you will be able to find more details about your permanently deleted photos.

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Where do photos go when permanently deleted?

Once you delete a photo from your phone, it will disappear from the gallery, and it gets moved to Recycle Bin of your phone. These photos get automatically deleted permanently within 30 days. And after 30 days, you won’t be able to recover files easily. For recovering photos after 30 days, we have to use different third-party apps for the purpose. On both Desktop and Mobile photos after deleting, go directly to the recycle bin. And once it gets deleted from recycle bin, that photo won’t be present on our phone anymore. But you can still recover those. These photos will be stored in the cloud.

In order to permanently delete a photo, you have to use a third-party app called file shredder. This application can delete photos completely from your phone. And this application is available on both mobile phones and desktops. 


Are the permanently deleted photos gone?

No, your photos won’t be deleted forever if you have turned on the Backup and sync. If Backup and Sync are turned on, then your deleted photos will stay on your phones for 60 days before they get deleted forever.

Is it possible for someone to see my deleted photos?

Yes, it is possible for someone with extensive cyber knowledge can see your deleted files. Even if you think you have deleted the file from your device, cybercriminals and hackers can get all your information even if they are deleted.

Is it possible to retrieve permanently deleted files?

Once you have deleted the files from your phone go to recycle bin. And from there, it gets deleted permanently after 30 days. After that, it won’t be easy to retrieve the file. To retrieve the files after they get permanently deleted, you have to use third-party apps. That can help in retrieving the files.

Can police see permanently deleted files?

Yes, police can retrieve permanently deleted files from phones and other devices. They have different kinds of tools and machines in order to retrieve deleted files.

How long does it take for phone forensics?

In normal cases, phone forensics takes only an overnight period of time. Within an overnight, they can recover all the pieces of evidence. Sometimes it takes more than 2 days to recover the files. They use different kinds of devices and tools to get the information’s recovered.


We all take a lot of photos and save a lot of screenshots. And our storage space gets filled out. Thus we delete some photos. And the deleted photos go to recycle bin and from there they get deleted forever. But we are unaware of the fact where these permanently deleted files go. From this article, you may have got some idea about where photos go when permanently deleted.

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