Where Does the Funnel Vision Live?

For expert video gamers, Funnel Vision is not a new name. Also recognized as Fgteev, the American YouTube channel has stood out for having billions of views on YouTube. Funnel Vision was created in 2006; although the channel started posting videos in 2007, it has grown to a big platform with more than 70 million active daily users. The success of the channel and controversies around the family have resulted in many questions on the internet. If you wish to know where Funnel Vision lives and other details, read this article! This article includes a detailed guide on Where Does the Funnel Vision Live?

Where Does the Funnel Vision Live?

When Funnel Vision was created in 2006, nobody knew it would grow into a famous channel with millions of active users daily. The channel started uploading videos in 2007 and has remained focused and updated its fans.

Where Does the Funnel Vision Live

One central question many fans have had is where the family lives. The family of six had rumors of child abuse, resulting in the storming of their home in North Carolina. According to many online websites, Funnel Vision has a three-bedroom house furnished with three bathrooms in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

The family’s house is valued at 439,000 dollars and has remained their residence. If you want to understand more about the lifestyle of Funnel Visions, feel free to watch their YouTube channel.

FAQs On Funnel Vision

How Many Children Does Funnel Vision Have?

The Funnel Vision, famously recognized as the fgteev family, has three children. Alexis Ryan is the eldest in the family and is also recognized as Lex or Skylander. Lex celebrated her birthday on July 24, 2006. Michael Ryan is the other child in the Funnel Vision family. Besides, he is known for being a rapper and a star on most social media platforms. Chase Ryan is the last child of Fgteev, and she was welcomed on earth on October 11, 2011.

Who is the father of Funnel Vision?

The Funnel Vision father is famously recognized as Duddy or Father Vincent Carther. Carter was born in October 1974 to Tom and Jody Carter and grew up in America where he was born. Because of the success of Duddy, the YouTube channel was created and has remained a family business. 

Is the Funnel Vision Mother Old?

Family Vision mum is called Karen Gillan. According to records, she was born on November 10, 1989, in Scotland, where she grew up.

Does the Funnel Vision Earn much in a Year?

Funnel Vision started its YouTube channel in 2006. With time, they have become the most watched YouTube channel ad video games. With so many active users watching the family of players, their yearly salary should be around $4 million. The six million followers on YouTube have contributed much of their annual earnings.

Where Does the Funnel Vision Live?

Funnel Vision is proud to have a home in North Carolina. They live in the town of Waxhaw, where they have a three-bedroom house. After Mayland authorities invaded their home because of a report of child abuse, it is not clear where the family lives. But the family’s official home is in the town of Waxhaw in North Carolina.


Coming into the limelight results in the publicity of almost every detail regarding a person. The celeb life regards fans keeping a tab on what is happening, and it is no surprise of the many rumors spread. The funnel Vision Family is lucky to have many active users who have contributed to the net worth of the channel. If you don’t know where Funnel Vision lives, read this guide to discover!

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