Where Is the Pin Number on Starbucks Card?

When you are a new Starbucks member, you may wonder where to get your card pin because you were not assigned when opening the account. You may not know that the Pin number is on your card, and you only need to scratch somewhere near the bottom and read the four digits that will authorize a transaction. If you still can’t find the Pin number for your Starbucks card, you are in the right place!

How to get the Pin Number for Using Starbucks Card?

Starbucks cards have the Pin number hidden in the back of the cards. A Pin is a four-digit number, but the good news is that you don’t need to have the Pin to pay using your card. When you look at the back of the card, you will see somewhere near the bottom that you can scratch and get the Pin number.

If you cannot get the Pin, don’t worry; you can use a Starbucks gift card on your mobile phone. Once you have a mobile phone, use the QR code and pay for what you want. Moreover, if you have PayPal and the card number, you can enter your card’s account number to PayPal and choose debit or credit card to pay for your goods.

FAQs On Starbucks Card

Can I Use My Starbucks Card Without a Pin?

Yes. Many Starbucks users don’t have their card Pin and wonder how to get the Pin so they can use their card. The good news is that the card does not require a pin to use it. You need to have the account number when you want to use your card. Once you have the account number, have the social security number, too, but you will use the last four digits only.

How Do I Activate My Starbucks Gift Card?

It is not a must for you to activate the Starbucks gif card because once you use the card to purchase something, it will be activated automatically. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about having the gift card for long without using it because any day you use it, it will be activated.

Does My Starbucks Card Have a Pin?

Yes. Your card has a pin, which is the last four digits on the back of your card. The number is located near the bottom of your card and is used to authorize transactions. However, you must note that it is not necessary to remember the Pin because you can purchase without the Pin. Remember your account number whenever you want to use the Starbucks card.

How Do I Tell If My Starbucks Gift Card Has a Balance?

Starbucks customers can check their gift card balance using the Starbucks website. All you need is to log in to the official Starbucks website, scroll to the bottom, and enter your card number and security code. You will have the option of checking your balance.

Is it Possible to Register My Starbucks Card?

Yes. Starbucks users can register their cards provided they have the card number and the security code. Once you have the requirements, you need to visit the official website for Starbucks and sign up for your card to your account. Moreover, for the Starbucks card to be registered successfully, you must have at least $5.


Starbucks card is essential for making purchases without carrying cash around. Starbucks has proved convenient for making small purchases and is even better because you don’t need a pin to make purchases. If you are a new Starbucks member wondering where to get the Pin, read this guide.

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