Where Is The WPS Button On The Frontier Arris Router?

When using a Frontier Arris router, you’ll need to know where the WPS button is. It is necessary because you must sometimes press it to connect your Frontier Arris router to another device. The WPS button allows you to connect and secure the connection between two devices quickly and easily. If you have experienced some difficulty with locating the WPS button, read on for more information about where the WPS button on the Frontier Arris router is located and what it does.

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Finding the WPS Button on the Frontier Arris Router

The WPS button is located at the back of your router. The button will have a picture of two curved arrows pointing in opposite directions to form a circle. This button is usually located near other connectivity options, such as Ethernet ports and the power cord.

How to Use the WPS Button on Your Frontier Arris Router?

There are a few steps to follow when using the WPS button on your Frontier Arris router.

  1. Make sure that the device you want to connect to the wireless network is powered on and connected to your network.
  2. Press and hold the WPS button for two to three seconds, then release it.
  3. Find the WPS button on the device you want to connect to your wireless network.
  4. Wait for the two devices to synchronize, and then release the WPS button on your Frontier router. Ensure the router is flashing green before releasing the button. This should connect the two devices and set up your wireless router. Your Frontier router will have a single network name, which will be displayed on the device.

How to Enable WPS on Frontier Arris Router?

It will require you to access the router settings. Type the router’s IP address into your browser to access the settings. Most Frontier routers have a default IP address of Upon accessing the settings, Look for the WPS settings, then click to turn WPS ‘On.’

Importance of the WPS Button

The WPS button is a feature available on most modern wireless routers. This button lets you quickly and easily set up a new device on your wireless network. Typically, setting up a wireless network device can be a little tricky, especially if setting up the network for the first time. The WPS button on your Frontier router will let you quickly connect a device to your network by pressing a single button on both the router and the device. It speeds up the process of setting up your wireless network and connecting devices to it, so you can get on with enjoying your wireless internet.

Things to Know about Your Arris Router’s WPS Button

It would help if you kept a few things in mind when using the WPS button on your Frontier router.

  1. Wait for the two devices to synchronize before releasing the WPS button. If you release the button too soon, the connection may be unsuccessful.  
  2. Your router may have multiple WPS buttons, so you need to make sure you are pressing the correct one. If your router has multiple WPS buttons, you must follow the directions on your router’s user manual to locate the right WPS button.
  3. The WPS button will not work if your router is set to bridge mode. If that is the case, you will need to connect your device to your network manually since the bridge mode cannot handle wireless clients.
  4. If the WPS connection fails, check whether the WPS feature is enabled on the router. In addition, you can move the router closer to the device and check whether this will solve your problem. The further the device is from the router, the weaker the connection.


Will the WPS button work if the device I want to connect is not wireless?

Yes, it will work if the device uses the same network name as the wireless router. Contact the manufacturer or your internet service provider for assistance if you are experiencing difficulties connecting your device with the WPS button.

What happens if I don’t press the WPS button on the Frontier Arris router?

If you don’t press the WPS button on the Frontier Arris router, then it will insecurely connect the device to the WiFi network. Your internet connection will be exposed to intruders, and anyone can then access your internet connection which poses a severe security risk.

When do I need to use the WPS button on the Frontier Arris router?

You will need to use the WPS button on the Frontier Arris router if you are connecting a device that doesn’t have a physical Ethernet connection to your WiFi network. You need to press a button on the other device to initiate the connection. Once both devices are connected, you can choose a password for your WiFi network.

Is the WPS button safe to use on the Frontier Arris router?

You can use the WPS button on the Frontier Arris router to connect devices to your WiFi network as long the devices support this feature. You can tell if a device supports WPS by looking for the WiFi Protected Setup(WPS) logo on the device.

What happens if my router does not have a WPS button?

If your router does not have a WPS button, you can set up your WI-FI connection with the web-based setup. You have to access the router’s settings through the web browser. Type the router’s IP address on the browser to access the settings, then turn on the WPS under the WPS settings.

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