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Where is Where is my MoneyPak refund?

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  1. Refund checks are typically mailed approximately 1-2 weeks after your refund request is submitted.
  2. The MoneyPak purchase charge will not be reimbursed.
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Adding funds from MoneyPak?


How do I get my money back from MoneyPak?

Go to the MoneyPark refund request page and fill out the form to get a refund. You’ll need your MoneyPak number, which is located on the back of the card package. After you’ve filled out and submitted the form, MoneyPak will check whether any money is left on the card.

How do I get a refund on my green dot card?
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If you have a Green Dot card and want to request a refund for any losses, you should contact Green Dot customer care at 795-7597. You can also call the number printed on the back of your card if you notice an error with your Green Dot card.

Do MoneyPak cards expire?
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The MoneyPak does not have a set expiration date. When the balance in your MoneyPak is 0, it is assumed to be expired. The term of the MoneyPak. These Terms apply, the MoneyPak is good until the balance is $0.

How do you redeem a MoneyPak card?

Purchase a MoneyPak. Make sure the prepaid or bank debit card to be used accepts MoneyPak.Create a secure login. On Moneypak.com, first-time users will need to create a Secure Login.

How long does it take MoneyPak to refund?
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After your refund request has been submitted with verified documentation, most refunds arrive in the mail 1-2 weeks later. The MoneyPak purchase fee will not be reimbursed. To access your money more quickly, deposit it to any Prepaid or Bank Debit Card that accepts MoneyPak loads.