Who Is in The No Discover Card Commercial?

Commercials are how businesses and brands sell their name. Most commercials utilize celebrities to attract many viewers and drive sales and traffic. One such commercial was the No Discover card commercial. It took the internet with a buzz and achieved more opportunities for the company. Are you curious about what the catchy commercial was all about and who appeared in it? Take a look!

What is the No Discover Card Commercial, and Who Is In It?

Discover is a renowned American credit card brand. Most people know it for its creative commercials that leave everyone talking. The card was introduced in 1985 by Sears. Since then, it has built its reputation as a trusted credit card company. 

The Discover has had various commercials, but one that stands out till now is the “No We Don’t Charge Annual Fees.. It even got named the No Discover Card Commercial. The commercial is attributed to a reputable advertisement firm, The Martin Agency. The best part about the commercial was that it featured in the Super Bowl LIV 2020. How amazing was that?

Main attraction was the various actors involved in the commercial and how they all took a firm “No,” spicing the ad. It was a perfect commercial for the credit card company. Here’s the kicker; each of the actors featured in the ad, their clip saying No was from various movies and TV Shows acted before.

The ad was about how the Discover credit card company was issuing no annual fee for their credit cards. Now to the real deal, who were the actors in the commercial? The obvious actor was Alicia Silverstone, who is seen saying, “No Way.” Her act was based on Clueless saying, “Come on, no way.”Still, the other actors involved are Mike Myers and John Candy. Furthermore, Willie Macc and Tim Warmanen were responsible for the voice-overs.

FAQs On No Discover Card

What Was the No Discover Card All About?

The No Discover card was a commercial credited to the Martin Agency. The commercial involves the Discover credit card company trying to advertise how their credit card attracts no annual fee. So, to clearly bring the commercial to life, various actors were involved, and they all brought the “No” to imply no annual fees get charged by Discover for their credit cards. 

What Was Special About the No Discover Card Commercial?

The special thing about the commercial was how well it used various actors to make the commercial perfect. The various actors say, “No,” and a keen look into the phrases they use takes you to various TV shows and films. The special thing is how the actors coin their phrases from various movies and TV shows.

Who Is in the No Discover Card Commercial?

The No Discover card commercial involves various actors. The common one is Alicia Silverstone, who takes the lead in saying, “No way.” Her phrase is based on the School of Rock film. Other people involved are John Condy and Mike Myers, who say “No” based on a clip from FRIENDS, and the voice-overs involved Willie Macc and Tim Warmanen.

Who is the Actress in the Discover Card No Commercial?

The actress in the commercial is Alicia Silverstone. She is best known for featuring the Clueless when she was 19. The film boasted global recognition, and she imitates her character in the film when featuring in the No Discovered credit card commercial.

When was the Discover Credit No Commercial Made?

The commercial was made in 2020 and even got a spot to be played in the Super Bowl 2020. However, the clips featured in the commercial are from movies made in earlier years.


The Discover card no commercial left many curious about who all were involved and other details relating to it. This guide dug deep to gather the facts about the commercial. And as we’ve seen, the commercial involved various characters with notable names like Alicia Silverstone. Hopefully, you now know who was in the No Discover card commercial.

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