Why am I suddenly getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook?

Facebook is a great platform to connect people from all around the world. But not every time, people like connecting and socializing with other people on Facebook. We receive friend requests from different people to connect on Facebook. Sometimes, we suddenly receive many friend requests or might surge in friend requests. Follow the easy steps on Why am I suddenly getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook?

It is a common problem among Facebook users. Suddenly, it might not be very clear when you receive 20-40 or even 70 requests daily. So, here in this article, we will take you through different reasons you might receive Facebook Friend requests regularly and how you can limit the friend requests from unwanted people. Read the article until the end to answer your query: “Why am I suddenly getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook?”

Different Reasons you might receive Facebook Friend requests regularly

You might receive fake and genuine friend requests on Facebook for many reasons. Sometimes you might get many requests from multiple accounts, and occasionally you might not receive any friend requests for weeks. There are different reasons you might receive many friend requests on Facebook.

  1. One reason might be that you are a famous figure or many people adore or are attracted to you.
  2. You might appear in the people profile. You May Know the list of many people, which is why many people send you Friend requests.
  3. There might be many spammed and fraudulent Facebook profiles that might send random Friend requests to many people.
  4. People might find you in the comment section of popular posts and send you friend requests all at once when the post gets popular for a specific time.
  5. If you have a verified Facebook account, the account appears prominently in search results which is why many people discover your profile and send you friend requests.
  6. Sometimes there might be targeted campaigns where many bots send friend requests and add many people on Facebook.

Limit Random Facebook Friend Requests

Why am I suddenly getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook? Some people don’t like getting constant notifications of Friend requests from unwanted people. You might be getting requests from strangers or people you hardly know. These requests might be annoying for some people. Not all people like to be social on Facebook. People might want to limit their accounts with their friends and families and avoid unwanted people on their social media. 

Fortunately, you can limit unwanted friend requests, and here is how you can do it.

  1. Open Facebook and Tap on the three horizontal lines.
  2. Go to Settings and Privacy and Click on Settings.
Why am I suddenly getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook

3. Head over to Profile Settings and Tap on Privacy.

Head over to profile settings

4. Click on “Who can send you Friend Requests?”.

Why am I suddenly getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook

5. And Change the option to Friends of Friends.

Change the option to friends of friends

6. Now, you will only be able to receive requests from Mutual Friends.

Additional FAQs

Can Facebook send friend requests automatically?

No, Facebook doesn’t send friend requests to you by itself. You only receive a friend request when the other person clicks on the Add Friend button on your profile. Some people might send friend requests through third-party apps, but Facebook doesn’t send friend requests on behalf of other people. Even if you might have received requests from the fake profile, the request is still genuine, and Facebook isn’t sending it automatically.

Why do you appear in People You May Know?

People you may know generally are based on the contact information from different people and their friends. Sometimes, when someone uploads contact information associated with you, you might appear in other People You May Know lists. The People You May Know list is curated with a lot of information collected by the company through its billion users. There is still not much information about the algorithm. But we might have noticed that we see only those people we recently met, so Facebook also tracks your location to curate the list and other information, including your mutual friends.

How can you identify a request from a fake account?

Generally, you won’t be able to find out if an account is entirely fake. But there are sure signs you need to look out for. Sometimes, we might get a spammy friend request and wonder if the account is genuine. If you want to avoid fraudulent accounts, look for photos and activity of the person on their wall, fake accounts might have no activity and very few photos on their profile. Check out some mutual friends and consult with them mutual friend about the account. It might indicate a fake account if they have a significantly less or high number of friends with unusual activity.

Does Facebook delete fake accounts?

Yes, Facebook deletes fake accounts to make the platform safe for anyone. It is reported that in the 1st quarter of 2022, Facebook has taken action on almost 1.6 billion fake accounts and has been actively deleting fake accounts at the rate of 1.5 billion to even 2 billion accounts every quarter. Sometimes, Facebook deletes fake accounts after genuine reports and complaints and takes action within 24 hours in most cases.

What is the maximum number of friend requests on Facebook?

Facebook has limited the number of requests you can send to control spammy behaviors. Currently, Facebook has a limit of sending 1000 friend requests in the queue, and users can have a maximum of 5000 Facebook Friends. They now also allow people to convert their profile into fan pages to enable people to have more than 5000 friends. So, people will only be able to send more friend requests if they have less than 1000 pending friend requests or less than 5000 Facebook friends.

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