Why Aren’t Filters Working On Instagram?

Instagram filters beautify subjects, put a nice vibe to the picture, or add a little fun to the scene. They sometimes do wonders for people’s self-confidence too! So if they stopped working out of nowhere, it would be very frustrating. So, what to do if your Instagram filters crash on you? And why is it happening? Let’s dive in. Read this article until the end to answer your query: Why Aren’t Filters Working On Instagram?

Reasons For Filters Not Working On Instagram

Well, for starters, there is nothing wrong with Instagram filters per se; there are factors that trigger the crashes in Instagram features, i.e., filters. 

  • Location-based problems 

As it happened in Texas & Illinois, their state had unique law of Capture & Use of Biometric Identifier Act (CUBI), that prevented the use of facial recognition features in any software. So, to avoid lawsuits, Meta had to shut down their effect features in those states as a temporary measure.

And many features are limited to certain areas only, and few are restricted to some. So, if your Instagram is connected to any such area, you won’t be able to use it. For example, the Instagram music feature wasn’t available in South Asia until very recently.

  • Incompatible update 

Instagram regularly updates the app and adds more advanced features, which may not be compatible with many devices if it doesn’t have the latest operating system or is closer to that at least.

  • Storage overload

Instagram takes up a lot of storage to store its data. It’ll act up when your phone space is running out and doesn’t have adequate space free for the app to function properly.

How to Fix Filter Glitch on Instagram

Steps to fixing Instagram glitches.

  • Update Instagram

Hit the App Store of your phone and look up Instagram. Update the app if available; sometimes, out-of-date versions create malfunctions.

Why Are not Filters Working On Instagram
  • Clearing Cache

Go to your phone’s App Info, and click on Instagram. Tap “Clear data” on the way bottom. You might find the option inside Storage options if it’s not on the bottom.

Clearing Cache

A dialog box will appear; select “Clear cache,” and finally hit “OK” to confirm. And your cached data will be deleted.

Why Are not Filters Working On Instagram
  • Uninstall & Reinstall the App

This hack helps more often than you think it does. Uninstall Instagram by hard pressing it from the app drawer, and then reinstalling it from the app store. While downloading all the resources, you have a high chance of getting all the filters back.

  • Free up space

Use the default cleaner app for this task, let the app do its job, and after it’s done searching for trash, press “Clean up” to rid your device of the unnecessary memory data and free up spaces for enhanced performance.

Free up space

You can also opt to remove large files that you don’t often need or uninstall dispensable apps.

  • Restart Your Device

Sometimes rebooting the phone is all it needs to get any app up and to run. Pressing the power button long and hard does the trick for androids. If rebooting doesn’t bring the filters back, although it does for most cases, you’ll have to proceed to plan B.

Restart your device
  • Denying Location Permission

Many features in Instagram are location-based, so if you sometimes turn your location on and off, a few minor issues get fixed by themselves. For a more permanent remedy, Go to Instagram’s App Info. Select “App Permissions.” 

Denying location permission

Then tap “Location,” and finally go with “Deny” to prevent Instagram from getting location information.

Why Aren’t Filters Working On Instagram
  • Use VPN

If your profile is restricted from any service based on your location, this trick might come in handy. Use trusted and reliable VPN software and choose a location where you’re sure to be allowed the said service. When you are connected to the server, reboot your Wi-Fi connection and log in to your Instagram account. The features should come back.

  • Restarting Application

You might benefit from restarting Instagram to a degree. Go to App Info, and hit “Force Stop” with a cross icon. Confirm the process by selecting “OK” and then restart the app; check if your filters are back from this.

Restarting Application
  • Face and Hands Effect

Turning this option on and off from Instagram settings can fix the filter glitch altogether. But this feature is also unavailable in all regions, so you might need a VPN to access it. Keep this setting on if you are having trouble with facial features. 

FAQ On Instagram Filters

Why did my filters disappear?

There could be multiple reasons behind filters disappearing in Instagram, such as an update incompatible with the device, server down, jammed phone memory, faulty installation, etc. The app might also restrict features based on location.

What happened to Instagram in Texas?

Due to the state’s Use of the Biometric Identifier Act, the feature of facial recognition was temporarily disabled. People couldn’t access their filter gallery, nor could they use any filter. It turned out to be a widespread status of virtual panic.

Where do I find my filters?

To browse filters, go to the Instagram camera by swiping right from your feed, then with the capture button, you’ll see filter icons. Use any of the trending effects to take photos or videos. By scrolling to the right, you’ll reach the magnifying icon, tap it, and the filter gallery will open. Skim through the tabs from the top and save whichever filter you like.

Can I hide my posts’ like counts on Instagram?

Yes, it’s quite simple. Go to any post from your grid, and tap on the three dots on top of the photo. A bar will pop from the bottom, select “Hide like count,” and now no one can see the number of likes below your post, not even your followers. To unhide the number, repeat the process

Can anyone see my profile if it’s private?

Not if they aren’t your follower. Private accounts are for the eyes of followers only.

Concluding Remarks

A personalized set of Instagram filters is what every user has in common. Not being able to use your favorite filters when you need them is not something anyone would wish for. So, we got to work and gathered some fixes that could prove to be helpful in this cause. We hope you benefitted from this properly!

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