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Why can’t I sign in to Flickr?

Best Answer:
  1. Some older Flickr accounts were created under a username rather than an email address.
  2. And your account may have been linked to one.
  3. If you try to log in but are sent to the signup page.
  4. You may be logging in with a secondary email address.
  5. Please use your primary email address.
  6. Or contact us for assistance.

How To Log In To Flickr?


Can I sign up for Flickr with Email?

Starting today, you can sign up for a new Flickr account using a Google account. Existing Flickr users will still need to use their Yahoo! ID to log in, but we’re adding some useful features to make it easier for you.

What email does Flickr use?
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You may continue to use your Yahoo email address as part of your login credentials to Flickr, but you’ll need to generate a new password for your account.

Why can’t I log in to Flickr?

Use the following steps to reset your password if you know your login email address or username but are unable to log in because you’re unsure of the proper password. Enter the login email address on the login page, then choose Next. To receive a password reset e-mail, click on the Forgot password? link on the next screen that appears.

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Why can’t I create a Flickr account?

If you get this error message while attempting to create an account, follow these troubleshooting steps: Make sure the password you’re entering meets our standards. To continue, all check marks in the password field must be blue. You may have a current Flickr account linked to your email address.

Is Flickr safe?
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