Why Can’t You Fast Forward Instagram Videos?

Instagram allows users to post videos of a maximum of 60 seconds on their accounts. If they try to post a longer video, Instagram will show an error. Once you have uploaded your video, you cannot edit it if you have missed something. Similarly, there’s no way you can fast-forward a boring video or pause while you indulge in another task.
When you read through this guide, you will no more ask why can’t you fast-forward Instagram videos. This guide will expose how one can pause, fast forward, or rewind an Instagram video.

How to Fast Forward Instagram Videos?

Currently, Instagram doesn’t offer any option on the platform to fast forward videos, be it iOS or Android. However, the users can fast forward, rewind and pause Instagram videos through the desktop. The option is not available officially. Therefore chrome extension will lend a hand.

For this purpose, you need a chrome web browser. It’s time to get it if you don’t already have it. Follow these steps to fast forward your Instagram videos:

  • Through your chrome web browser, go to the chrome web store and search for “video scrubber for Instagram,” and add it to your chrome extension.
  • You will be asked to choose some settings. You can leave them as it is and click “Save.”
  • Now head to Instagram through the browser and open the video you want to fast forward, pause or rewind. As you play the video, you will see all the options a video player has.
  • An orange progress bar can be seen at the top. If you want to fast-forward your video, click on the right side of the video, as shown in the picture below.
  • You can easily fast forward, rewind, and pause your Instagram videos. Furthermore, you can put your video on full-screen mode, adjust the volume and even download it.

FAQs On Instagram Videos

Can’t fast-forward videos on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t provide any option to fast-forward Instagram videos. Therefore if you want to fast forward, pause or rewind your videos, you will need to get a “video scrubber” chrome extension. Through this extension, users can get all video player options on Instagram videos through the desktop.

What happened to rewind on Instagram?

Instagram has removed the rewind option from the platform. Users could reverse their videos using the rewind filter, but recently it was removed from Instagram when it introduced reels and stories.

How do you get 3x speed on Instagram?

Go to the camera option on Instagram, swipe left, and select “Reels.” Tap the speed option from the side menu. Select the slow or fast motion option to record your video in either of the options.

Can you fast-forward videos on Instagram reels?

No, you cannot fast forward or rewind Instagram reels since Instagram doesn’t provide any such option.

What do forward taps mean on Instagram?

Taps forward on Instagram are simply taps that move the viewer to the next story. Alternatively, backward taps indicate how often a viewer has tapped the left side of the screen to see the previous story.

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