Why Did A Cupcake Pop Up On Instagram?

A strange phenomenon has been recorded by Instagram all over the US. An unprompted notification of what appears to be a cupcake has surfaced on people’s Instagram feed. And no matter what is done, the stubborn notification won’t go away. So, what should you do if a cupcake pops up on your Instagram? Read more to know. In this guide, I’ll show you Why Did A Cupcake Pop Up On Instagram.

If you are wondering Why Did A Cupcake Pop Up On Instagram? This article will give you a step-by-step guide on Why Did A Cupcake Pop Up On Instagram.

What is this cupcake notification anyway?

The cupcake glitch, which appears to be a pop-up, has surfaced on US-based users’ Instagram, causing quite the chaos. The vector-designed cupcake is designed with Instagram’s colors and is accompanied by an option to dismiss saying “Not Now.” But it’s been reported that no matter how many times that box is pressed, it doesn’t work, and the pop-up ceases to go away. 

The cupcake notification may have been intended to pop around on your birthday. But since a wide section of users in the country is experiencing it, we can’t help but rule it out as a glitch. And that it doesn’t have any agenda behind it.

But the netizens were quick to draw out theories of how it could be a hacker’s move or even alien tech to seize control of a large portion of the world. Interesting, but we hardly think that’s the case; it’s just a simple glitch, a stubborn one but pretty harmless. We’ll explore in this post what you should do primarily when such bugs come up.

How to fix this Cupcake bug on Instagram?

If you are facing this innocuous pop-up on your app, stick to these simple steps to rid yourself of it.

  • Step 1: If you’ve already tried to dismiss the notification by tapping the “Not now” box several times, try closing the app for starters. Then clear your tabs and re-enter Instagram. See if that works. If it didn’t, no worries because it didn’t work for most users. Try the following steps.
  • Step 2:  Log out of the app. Tap the hamburger menu on the top right of your profile page. Then go to “Settings” and find the “Log out” option.
Why Did A Cupcake Pop Up On Instagram
  • Step 3: Uninstall Instagram. It May seem a bit extreme, but we aren’t leaving anything to chances at this point, are we? Don’t fret; we’ll get it back.
Uninstall Instagram
  • Step 4: Reboot the device.
Reboot the device
  • Step 5: After the device restarts, go to your phone’s App Store and re-install Instagram.
Why Did A Cupcake Pop Up On Instagram
  • Step 6: Now log in to your account; the spooky cupcake should be gone. This elaborate yet straightforward method worked for a large portion of users.

And if you’re reluctant to go through all the trouble, then you can trust Instagram to fix the bug the soonest. It’s outstanding to sit back and perhaps opt to use Instagram from your PC’s browser. This bug has only been seen on phones, so you should be able to use Instagram without a bother on a computer.

How to Report a Bug On Instagram?

Perhaps you want to step toward fixing any technical problem in the future. And then it’s very okay to report the issue to Instagram. 

  • Step 1: Go to “Settings” from your profile, then select “Help” to proceed with the assessment.
Steps to report a bug in Instagram
  • Step 2: That will prompt a new page to open; go for “Report a Problem” from the options presented, and choose “Report a Problem” from the dialog box.
Why Did A Cupcake Pop Up On Instagram
  • Step 3: Explain the situation in the designated space and attach a screenshot of the problem if possible. If you have a screenshot taken already, go to “Gallery” and select the photo. 

Otherwise, choose “Take Screenshot,” and the app will trigger a built-in screenshot feature so you can take it in real-time. Finally, hit “Submit,” and it’s done. They’ll send you feedback after reviewing the issue.

Why Did A Cupcake Pop Up On Instagram

FAQ On Instagram Cupcake Pop Up

Why does Instagram have so many glitches?

Instagram regularly updates the app and adds new features to keep it trendy and relevant. Unfortunately, sometimes few of the features don’t react well with the server or with many phones’ OS at once and cause it to glitch. Thankfully, Instagram is always quick to respond and resolve the matter.

What’s the most basic troubleshooting for app bugs?

Clearing the cache and restarting the device is the go-to fix if you’re encountering any bug-related problems. This method fixes almost any problem in the app which is caused by a connection or device problem. 

What is an Instagram DM glitch?

It’s when you text someone, but your texts aren’t going through even though you know that you aren’t blocked. This complication usually happens because of a poor internet connection. Make sure to check your internet speed before troubleshooting.

Why am I not getting any followers?

To get followers fast, turn your profile public, make original content with creative captions and use engaging hashtags. Don’t forget to use the story feature well, and treat your followers respectfully; it’ll promote your account in the long run.

Silent feature vs. Vanish mode in Instagram?

Both work differently but serve the same purpose – privacy. By putting “/” at the beginning of the text, you can trigger the silent feature so the recipient will get the text but won’t be notified. And you get the vanish mode by swiping up in the inbox, chats in vanish ode will disappear, and any attempt to screenshot will also be alerted.

Concluding Thoughts

Let’s be honest; glitches are annoying; it slows us down, waste time, test our patience, and whatnot. And awkward pop-ups that refuse to go away do tickle the nerves in a new way. But patience is the key; follow the methods described in the post and hope for the best. Good luck! 

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