Why Did Instagram Disable My Account?

All social media platforms have their rules, restrictions, and policies. The users must follow the rules to use their social media platforms without any hurdles. Are you facing trouble logging in to your Instagram account? Or maybe you are wondering Why did Instagram disable my account?

If yes, read this article to help yourself out of trouble. Read this article till the end to find the reasons why Instagram disabled your account. 

Why Did Instagram Disable My Account?

There could be many reasons why Instagram disabled your account. You might have violated the terms and conditions of Instagram. Spamming, abuse, and offensive behavior can be the reason. 

Instagram also disables the account of anyone who spreads Hate speech or nudity, among others. You should verify all possible ways to find out why Instagram disabled your account. You can also follow the process to get back your deleted Instagram account.

How To Get Back My Disabled Instagram Account?

You need to contact the Instagram support team and tell them your side of the story. You can follow these steps below to get back your disabled Instagram account.

Step 1- Open Instagram Login Page

In a disabled account, you cannot log in. But you can visit the login page of Instagram. It will help you to move ahead with the other process. 

Instagram Login Page

Step 2- Enter your Username or password.

Enter the username or password that you used for your disabled Instagram account. Tap on the link “Forgot password.” This will lead you to reset your password.  The reset password option doesn’t work for a disabled account.

Enter your Username or password

Step 3- Contact The Support Team.

The link of “Forgot password” will take you to a page on Instagram that says “Instagram technical support.” You will see the policy of terms and conditions of Instagram. You can also see several FAQs lined up to help you process. Select the FAQ that resembles your problem. 

Contact The Support Team select FAQs

Step 4- Follow the Instructions

Read a question on the support page and follow the instructions. If it says to wait, you shall wait for some time. If the Instagram support team wants you to provide your credentials and all other information, you should do that. provided while signing up for your disabled account, follow the next steps. 

follow the support instructions

Step 5- Write Your Credentials.

If you see a form opened on your screen, you need to fill in your deleted Instagram account details. 

write your username

Step 6- Write your Full name.

It would help if you remembered the full and exact name with all the signs and memorable characters you used in your deleted Instagram account. 

Why Did Instagram Disable My Account?

Step 7- Add your Email

Must provide the email address used in the deleted Instagram account. The email address was also the username of your Instagram account. 

Add your Email

How Much Time will Instagram Take To Respond?

These are the steps to contact the Instagram support team to retrieve your disabled Instagram account. Now that you have sent a complaint to get back your Instagram account to the Instagram support team, wait patiently for their response. 

The Instagram support team will respond to you via email within 48 hours of your complaint. That email will consist of a two numbered code and some basic instructions to follow to get your account back. Follow these steps when you get an email from the Instagram technical support team. 


Why my Instagram account was got disabled by Instagram for no reason?

Instagram does not disable the account of any user without any significant reason. If your account has been disabled, then there must be any reason behind it. This can happen if you have violated the contract you signed while signing up for an Instagram account. 

Can I get my disabled Instagram account back?

You can contact the support team of Instagram and tell them your side of the story. It is up to the Instagram support team to reinstate your account. 

How do you get your new Credentials to recover your disabled Instagram account?

You are asked in the email to write down these credentials provided by the Instagram technical support team on a transparent white sheet. After you have written them all, please take a picture of yourself (Instagram profile owner) with that white sheet and send it back. The photo must be clear and follow the email’s requirements. When you click on the link provided by the Instagram support team, you can recover your deleted Instagram account.

How long does Instagram disable my account?

People who get their Instagram account blocked or disabled by Instagram are often seen asking this question. It depends on the extent or severity of the violation or damage you have done. For example, it is a minor issue if your Instagram account got disabled due to an inappropriate username. Your account will be re-enabled as soon as you change your username. If you have violated the community guidelines of Instagram, it will take up to 24 hours to re-enable your Instagram account. 


Instagram users often face this issue where Instagram disables their accounts. They ask, “Why did Instagram disable my account?” To answer this question, you need to focus on what went wrong when using Instagram. Instagram disables the account if you have violated the terms and conditions of Instagram.

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