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Why did my LinkedIn account disappear?

Best Answer:
  1. Because of a technological problem.
  2. The data became corrupted.
  3. Another user reported you for.
  4. Abusive behavior and your account were terminated as a result.
  5. Because you were spamming.
  6. Your account was closed by LinkedIn because of a hacker intrusion.

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Where has my LinkedIn account gone?

On the login screen, type the email address that is linked to your LinkedIn account, type your password, and then click Sign In. You may also access the login page by clicking the link in the original account closure email. If you do not have access to the link, you will be sent to the login webpage.

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Does LinkedIn delete inactive accounts?

Because LinkedIn does not have the policy to delete inactive accounts, your profile may remain lifelong after you die, which might be distressing to your connections who continue to view it.

Can LinkedIn delete my account?

To cancel your LinkedIn account, go to the LinkedIn website and choose “Manage” next to “Privacy & Settings” beneath your profile picture icon in the top right corner. On the following screen, type in your LinkedIn account password and then click the “Close Account” button to confirm you wish to terminate your account.

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How long does it take to reactivate your LinkedIn account?

Within 20 days, you must file for reactivation. LinkedIn will be unable to reopen your account after 20 days have passed. You’ll need to start a new LinkedIn profile after this period has elapsed.

Why can’t I see my profile on LinkedIn?
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In your public profile settings, activate the option for “Publicly Visible.” At least one connection should be invited and connected. Update your profile to include more details and sections. Make frequent edits to keep it up-to-date.