Why Do I Keep Getting Kicked Out Of Warzone Xbox?

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the fantastic and full of features games. Its enhanced graphics and unique gameplay usually attract an audience worldwide.

The online multiplayer game allows you to join a group of players from worldwide to play different battle modes. After its release on PC, Xbox also gets its version on its official store. That is to keep their users in touch with their consoles.

After its release, many Xbox users complained about the game crashing on various social media platforms and blogs. They don’t know the actual reason behind that, but they have several bases in their mind for getting kicked out of the game.

After trying multiple solutions from the internet, you have tired of reading various posts and blogs. And still, you are looking for why you keep getting kicked out of Warzone Xbox.

This article will teach you how to solve this irritating issue while playing your favorite game.

So, let’s dig deeper inside the article to explore the secret behind all the stress you bear for days.

You may also learn if you can play Warzone without Xbox live gold.

What Is Warzone, And Why Do I Keep Getting kicked Out Of It On Xbox?

Warzone is a masterpiece of the Call of Duty franchise after the modern warfare era. This game comes with the next level of realistic graphical features. 

The enhanced gameplay also attracts gamers to play this online battle game worldwide. 

You can play a simple classic mode where 100 players land from the sky through parachutes after jumping from Planes. 

Then you loot the guns from houses and boxes. You can also drive various vehicles to explore the map and find enemies. You have the option to play as a solo player or as a team.

Playing COD Warzone on Xbox with your buddies is quite fun when you want to enjoy long night gameplay on weekends. But it hurts when suddenly your game crash during an intense team fight. 

You might not find the real reason behind this because several things can cause your Warzone game to crash. But don’t worry! We have brought you a step-by-step guide to resolve this problem quickly.

Steps To Avoid Getting Kicked From Warzone Xbox

You must follow each step below to avoid any inconvenience and complete the process successfully.

  1. Open Warzone Game
Open Warzone Game

First, turn on your Xbox and open the Call of Duty Warzone game by locating it in the apps and games section. If you cannot find it, discover it by searching the name in the search bar.

  1. Open options Feature
Open options Feature

In the game’s main menu, press the start button to open a new window of options. If you cannot open it, look at the assigned button at the bottom left side of the screen.

  1. Open Graphics Feature
Open Graphics Feature

The menu selects the second feature of graphics settings in the main options. In the graphics settings, find the On-demand texture streaming option.

  1. Disable On-Demand Texture Streaming
Disable On-Demand Texture Streaming

After opening the on-demand texture streaming feature settings, select the disabled option by pressing the controller button.

  1. Choose Advance Option
Choose Advance Option

Now choose the advanced option and press the Xbox button on the controller.

  1. Open iw8ship options
Open iw8ship options

Here, open the iw8ship options and select the manage games and add-ons option in the list. 

  1. Select Saved items
Select Saved items

Now select the save data option in the list at the bottom of the screen. Open the protected data option by pressing the execute assigned button on your controller.

  1. Choose Delete All
Choose Delete All

In saved data settings, you can delete all saved data. Click on it and confirm the deletion. It will remove all the synced data from your Xbox network.

  1. Now Check Xbox Updates
Now Check Xbox Updates

You must check your Xbox updates in the system settings by selecting the Console info. In the Console info, if any update is pending, you must immediately update that to sync settings with your game.

  1. Open Device And Connections
Open Device And Connections

Now after checking the update section, open the device and connections settings. There you need to open the Blu-ray settings feature.

  1. Clean Persistent Storage
Clean Persistent Storage

Now open the persistent storage in the Blu-ray option to locate the cleaning option. Tap on the clean, continuous storage button and execute the process to remove any bug in-game network updates.

  1. Restart Xbox
Restart Xbox

After completing all the processes, the system needs to restart to adjust its settings with the changes we have made in previous steps.


Why Does COD Warzone Keep Kicking Me Out Of The Game On Xbox?

There are several reasons why you get kicked out of the Warzone while playing. Some of them are given as follows:
1. Your Xbox system is not updated
2. Your Warzone game files are corrupt due to some unknown reasons
3. Your cache memory has corrupt files
4. Your On-demand texture streaming option is preventing you from playing the game

How Can I End Warzone Crashing On Xbox?

You can end this crashing problem by following the steps below:
1. Check your Xbox updates
2. Check your Call of Duty Warzone updates
3. Keep your graphic drivers updated
4. Locate corrupt game files and repair them
5. Switch off the overlay feature
6. Turn on DirectX
7. Close background apps

How Do I Clear My Xbox Cache Memory?

You can clear your Xbox cache memory through the following quick steps below:
1. Open the Xbox system settings
2. Choose the storage option
3. Open the device option without selecting the storage option
4. Clear cache memory

Do I Need Live To Enjoy The Warzone Game 2022?

No, there is no need to enjoy the Warzone game with Xbox live feature in 2022. That is because this feature comes with a high cost, and there is no need to take it.
However, if you have extra money to spend, take it and utilize it while playing Warzone.

Can I Play Warzone Offline?

No, Warzone is a multiplayer online battleground game. You can only play this game via an internet connection; otherwise, the game won’t open on your console with an error message.

 How Much Does Xbox Live Feature Cost?

Xbox live feature can cost you around $10 if you choose per monthly plan. But if you choose a yearly plan, you can get a massive discount with a total cost of $60.


Game crashing is the hideous moment you are playing with your whole crew on a Saturday night. But that can be resolved with just a few steps.

You can avoid yourself from keep getting kicked out of Warzone Xbox by reading the article thoroughly. 

If you like the content, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. Also, check our how-to series section to explore more valuable guides for yourself.

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