Why Does My Firestick keeps Saying Network Disconnected?

One of the fantastic TV services that you can avail of at your home is none other than Amazon Firestick TV. You can have multiple music platforms, movies, TV shows, etc., on this device. This article includes a detailed guide on Why Does My Firestick keeps Saying Network Disconnected.

After Covid, these devices became revolutionary innovations worldwide due to excessive usage while staying at home. People use these devices to watch their favorite movies, talk shows, and anime on their TV on Saturday nights.

Many people with these devices claim to have multiple issues, but network disconnection was the most prominent. They argued that it could be possible that their all-other devices at home were connected to the same network and working perfectly fine. 

You might be wondering why my Firestick keeps saying network is disconnected. In this article, you will get all the answers that you might be looking at on the internet.

So, let’s dive into the article and explore the reasons and solutions behind this irritating issue.

What Is Firestick?

Why Does My Firestick keep Saying Network Disconnected

The intelligent device enables your TV to convert itself into an android device. That helps you to watch your favorite Disney movies and Netflix movies with smooth streaming quality.

You only must purchase it once, and then you don’t have to get any subscription associated with this device. You only have to get your favorite service providers’ subscriptions, like Disney, Netflix, and Discovery plus.

It’s a fantasy world where you don’t need to bring costly dishes and their subscription but just a smart device, and you have it all on your TV. 

Why Does It Keep Saying Network Disconnected?

Sometimes your Firestick device stops working, and you find it disconnected from the network when you try to diagnose it. That is a most awkward moment when you see the reason behind the issue is ignorable.

The table turns around when you try to connect it with your Wi-Fi again, showing an error. Now you are sitting on the chair, and your head might spin around. That is how you can solve this issue. 

We have given you a step-by-step guide below to help you resolve this problem. So, let’s jump into the guide below and hope you can get your answers right.

Steps To Connect Firestick With Network

You must follow each step below with great care to avoid any trouble due to any wrong settings:

  1. Check Network Disconnection Reason
Why Does My Firestick keep Saying Network Disconnected

First, you need to check your network status on the device. You must open the settings of Firestick and then locate the network settings there, and you will see your Wi-Fi connections status. 

  1. Open Network Settings
Why Does My Firestick keep Saying Network Disconnected

You must diagnose the reason if it is not connected to the internet. First, you must remove the previously used network device to communicate with your Firestick device. 

After that, refresh the network and then connect it with your Firestick as a new network. Try to change the name of your network if you can do otherwise; this can work too. See if the problem is solved. If not, then try the following step method.

  1. Open Account Settings
Open Account Settings

You can open your Firestick account option by selecting the my account option in the main menu settings. There you will have an Amazon account option. 

This account option is only to deregister your account. You need to re-subscribe from the services because there might be a chance that your subscription is ended.

  1. Deregister Account
Why Does My Firestick keep Saying Network Disconnected

After that, you will have two options your Amazon account and deregistration. Now you must select the deregistration option from your Firestick TV account settings.

This option will reset your settings and help you renew your account. It will also help your device get a new account with default settings, so there might be fewer chances of getting network errors again.

  1. Open My Fire TV
Open My Fire TV

In the main Firestick menu, choose my Fire TV option and scroll down to the reset to my factory defaults. It will reset all the Firestick device settings and may help;p you gain access to your Wi-Fi network.

  1. Restart Your Firestick Device
Why Does My Firestick keep Saying Network Disconnected

After applying these different methods now, you must restart your device. Restarting the device will apply all new changes and help you access your network. 

FAQs On Firestick Devices

How Can You Fix Disconnected Firestick Device?

There are several methods to fix a disconnected Firestick device by following the steps below:
1. Open your Firestick settings and restart your device to get changes in system configurations.
2. Check the network status on your Firestick device settings and reset the network if it shows a network error.
3. Update your device by going into system settings and updating info.
4. Deregister and then log in to your Amazon account again to refresh the default settings.

What Is The Meaning Of Disconnection Of Firestick Device?

The disconnection means that your device cannot provide you with their services. You need to check your network Wi-Fi or settings, where you might get an error message. If that occurs, try resetting your network or changing network IP settings to default.

How Much Is Firestick Device?

Firestick has different variants depending on the features of its system. Some have a lite version with few essential elements, and some Firestick devices have a full version with complete features. The leading high-end version can cost you around $39.99.

How Can I Reboot My Firestick Device?

You can reboot your Firestick device by installing settings and opening My fire TV. In my Fire TV settings, you must scroll down to the bottom to find the restart device option and select it.


If you are a sports lover and your dish network can’t get you to access your favorite NBA or FIFA leagues, then Firestick is heaven for you. Firestick provides you the ultimate access to all the famous sports leagues’ broadcasting channels.

Sometimes you might get in trouble with network disconnection issues, but who cares when you have an excellent step-by-step guide above in this article?

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