Why Does My Shockwave Keep Crashing?

Are you worried because your shockwave crashes frequently? Do you wonder, “Why does my shockwave keep crashing?” For your information, we must tell you that it is normal for a shockwave flash to crash. There is no need to panic if it happens. You can read this complete article for further guidance. 

Why Does My Shockwave Keep Crashing?

Were you streaming any video on chrome, and your shockwave flash crashed suddenly without any reason? No worries because some hidden reasons lead the shockwave to crash. One of the reasons through which the shockwave keeps crashing is the extension of the add-ons on Google chrome. 

Add-ons are undoubtedly the helper for Google chrome to block ads and other good stuff. Add-ons not only help to block ads on google chrome, but they also make the Browser work faster. But add-ons can be a big glitch due to which the shockwave flash crashes frequently. Here are a few steps to recover and stop the crashing of shockwave flash. 

Step 1- Launch Chrome

Open your Browser on your PC, laptop, or Mac, and then open Google chrome. 

Open your Browser on your PC, laptop, or Mac, and then open Google chrome.

Step 2- Open Menu

You can see the three tiny vertical dots on the right side. Tap the dots to open the Chrome menu. 

Tap the dots to open the Chrome menu. 

Step 3- Open Tools

The listed menu of chrome will be shown on your screen. Search for the “More Tools” option and then click on it. The option of more Tools will be right beneath “Find.”

The option of more Tools will be right beneath "Find."

Step 4- Click on “Extension” 

A side menu will open at the left of your screen with multiple options as soon as you click “More Tools.” Now you have to look for the option of “Extensions” right beneath the option of “Clear Browsing Data.” Click on the option of “Extensions.” 

 Click on the option of "Extensions." 

Step 5- Turn off all Extensions

Once you complete step 5, you need to toggle off all the Google chrome extensions to make shockwave flash work better. A pop-up window will ask you to remove details or toggle off the wing. Turn it off with the toggle icon. 

Turn it off with the toggle icon. 

Step 5- Re-LaunchRe-Launch the Browser

Close the chrome and then re-launch it again. Play the content on shockwave that you were playing before and see if it works smoothly. You can turn on the extensions one by one during the process. If the shockwave glitches again by turning on a specific extension, you can turn it off forever. 

 You can turn on the extensions one by one during the process.

This is the far best method to avoid frequent crashing of shockwave flash. You can try this easy and quick process to solve your problem.


Why does my shockwave discontinue?

The usage of shockwave has declined because the use of mobile devices has been made a preference. This is one of the big reasons for the discontinuation of shockwave flash. The emergence of new technologies with the latest updates has pushed back the usage of shockwave flash.

Should I uninstall the shockwave player?

Some security experts say the shockwave player is behind 15 Security updates. It is better to uninstall shockwave players from your Devices to keep them safe from scams and viruses. If you have virus control installed on your device, then you can pursue using shockwave flash.

What has replaced shockwave? 

Many new tools and apps have been introduced that work better than shockwave. The “Creative Cloud” tool replaced shockwave and Adobe Director in 2017. According to the company, the tool creative cloud is a more convenient, necessary, and reliable tool to replace shockwaves.

What can I use instead of shockwave?

If you are not satisfied using shockwave, there are several other options too. You can use Blitz3D, Shrubs, and Blend4Web as alternative options for shockwave. You can play these tools on Mac, Linux, windows, and other online players.

Does windows 10 needs shockwave?

If you want to play multimedia and other games in your windows 10, you may need adobe shockwave to carry out the process. Additionally, you can simply ignore the pop-up that appears n any website you visit.

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