Why Have My Facebook Photos Disappeared?

With 2.936 billion active users as of April 2022, Facebook is the most used app in the world. Even though Facebook is a great place to share photos, update events, and connect with global friends, sometimes problems occur. 


Like most apps, Facebook Isn’t immune to random technical glitches. So what keeps happening with the pictures? Here are the 6 reasons to answer the question Why Have My Facebook Photos Disappeared?

1. Violating Facebook Terms of Service

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Photos are removed on Facebook when other users report them to be offensive. Offensive pictures on Facebook include:

  • Violence and Incitement
  • Fraud and deception
  • Child sexual exploitation, abuse, and nudity
  • Restricted goods and services
  • Dangerous individuals and organizations

If your pictures keep disappearing, consider the nature of your photos on Facebook since all photographs are strictly vetted according to Facebook terms of service and flagged if inappropriate.

2. Facebook Bug

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Facebook server issues are common. That might be the reason why your Facebook photos keep disappearing. Sometimes pictures on Facebook temporarily vanish during and after routine maintenance.

Log off your Facebook account for a few hours and return to see if the missing photos reappear after Facebook’s routine maintenance.

3. Hacked Account

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Yes, Facebook accounts do get hacked. Once a hacker has access to any Facebook account, they delete all the pictures and information on the account. Signs of a hacked account include:

  • Suspicious messages/spam
  •  An unknown device logging into your account
  • Change of personal information, e.g., passwords
  • Suspicious posts that are not yours
  • Loss of Facebook data 

4. Facebook Albums

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Maybe your pictures didn’t disappear! Before concluding that your Facebook photos keep disappearing, check out your albums on your Facebook wall. Facebook pictures can upload to a different location other than the intended one. 

For instance, Facebook automatically creates new albums after the original album is full. Who knows, your ‘vanished’ photos might be in your new Facebook album. Check it out!

5. Poor Internet

A slow internet connection can cause Facebook photos to disappear intermittently. That is mainly caused due to network problems or how the device connects to the network when using Facebook.

To avoid losing photos on Facebook due to poor internet connection, consider:

  • Replacing your router if it’s old
  • Updating your router’s firmware
  • Resetting your router’s WI-FI configuration
  • Power cycling your modem and router.
  1. Incompatible Photo Format & Size

No, you cannot upload photos larger than 15Mb on Facebook unless you want the pictures to be immediately flagged by Facebook. On the other hand, only FIVE standard photos formats are allowed by Facebook:

  • JPEG
  • JPG
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • GIFF
  • TIFF

To avoid losing your precious Facebook pictures, ensure they are compatible with Facebook’s photo Format & Size terms.

6. Accidentally Deleting Photos

Why Have My Facebook Photos Disappeared?

Your Facebook photos can disappear because you accidentally deleted them. We all make mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up because of accidentally deleting your beautiful Facebook pictures.

To avoid permanently losing your Facebook photos consider choosing a backup system for all your pictures. This helps to recover accidentally deleted pictures that can be re-uploaded on Facebook.

Nobody’s perfect; we all make mistakes, and often do things the wrong way. That’s how we learn. Now you know the answer to the question Why Have My Facebook Photos Disappeared and what to do so that you don’t ever lose your memorable pictures.

 In case of serious issues like; a hacked Facebook account or violation of Facebook terms of service, consider contacting Facebook support for further assistance. 

However, if your pictures disappear due to poor internet connection or incompatible picture format & size, consider correcting these simple errors that cause your images to vanish.

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