Why Is Dead Rising 3 not on Ps4?

If you’re a fan of the Dead Rising series, you’ll know that Dead Rising 3 is unavailable on Ps4. The action-adventure game has been one of the most anticipated games in the 21st century. However, fans worry about the fact that the game is unavailable on Ps4.

Are you curious to know why Dead Rising 3 is not on Ps4? We’ll give you the best possible answer on why Dead Rising 3 is not on Ps4. You may also search for “is black ops 3 cross-platform Xbox and ps4“.

Are you curious to know why Dead Rising 3 is not on Ps4?

Why Dead Rising 3 is not on Ps4?

We all love the Dead Rising series because we can play it both as a comic game like Frank West and as a Zombie-themed action game. Sadly, Dead Rising 3 isn’t on Ps4. There is no definitive reason for this, but here are possible reasons why Dead Rising 3 is not on Ps4

  1. Dead Rising 3 was originally an Xbox One exclusive. Microsoft may have exclusive rights to the game on the Xbox One
  2. The game’s engine is built for Xbox One, making it a challenge to port it to Ps4
Dead Rising 3 was originally an Xbox One exclusive

The Dead Rising 3 is a fascinating game. The fact that you can’t play the game on Ps4 is unfortunate. But, you can enjoy this great game on the Xbox One console

Why can’t I Run Dead Rising 3?

Below are a few reasons why you may find it hard to run Dead Rising 3

  1. Dead Rising 3 was built with the very powerful Unreal Engine 4. So, if your Console or computer isn’t up to the task, you’ll have trouble running the game
  2. The game requires a lot of RAM to run easily. If You don’t have enough RAM, it’s likely the game may begin to freeze or crash

If you can’t run Dead Rising 3, try to update your graphics driver and adjust your video settings. You should also install additional memory


Now you have the any to your question-Why is Dead Rising 3 not on Ps4? If you have other questions about Dead Rising 3, check out some frequently asked questions, with answers that you may find helpful

Can You Play Dead Rising 4 On Ps4?

Yes. Dead Rising 4 was released for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on the 6th of December, 2016.

Is Dead Rising 3 Available on PC?

Yes. You can play Dead Rising 3 on PC. But, the PC release is optimized for high resolution and it takes up a lot of RAM

How Many Endings does Dead Rising 3 have?

There are a total of 5 known endings you can achieve. There’s Ending S, C, D, and an alternate ending to chapter 8 that is not numbered

Does Dead Rising 3 have a Co-op Campaign?

The Co-op mode is featured in Dead Rising 3. The mode allows players to work in sync to complete cases, escort survivors, defeat difficult bosses and play around in the game world. However, Dead Rising 3 only supports online Co-op

How to Play with friends on Dead Rising 3?

To join a Co-op session. Simply select any player style other than Single Player. Also, ensure you’re online before joining

Final Words

Guys, here you have it! Dead Rising 3 is a thrilling action-filled game. Sadly, you can not play this game on the Ps4 console for various reasons. The game was created exclusively for Xbox One and it may just be too resource-intensive to run on Ps4. However, you can enjoy Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One and PC

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