Why Is Discovery Plus Not On Ps4?[Answered]

Unlike most other streaming platforms, Discovery Plus offers real-life content that is both entertaining and educative. The streaming network is compatible with almost every device, from iOS or Android devices to Amazon fire Tv and even Microsoft’s Xbox series. Sadly, Discovery+ isn’t available on Ps4 or any other Playstation console. This leads to the big question, why is Discovery Plus not on Ps4?

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In this article, you’ll find all the answers you need about Discovery Plus.

Why Discovery Plus Isn’t Available On Ps4?

If you’re looking for a streaming platform that offers non-fiction content, Discovery + is a great option. With as low as $5 per month, you can watch more than 2500 real-life shows on just about any device except, of course, Playstation consoles. 

While there’s no specific reason why the Ps4 console isn’t among Discovery Plus-supported devices, here are a few reasons why Discovery Plus is not on Ps4

  1. Device support is limited as discovery plus is still a relatively new service, unlike other major streaming networks.
  2. Playstation does not support a cable subscription, which is compulsory to use Discovery Plus.

Other Alternatives 

While you can’t get Discovery Plus on Playstation, you can access the streaming platform on many other devices as long as you have a subscription. Below is a list of some devices that supports Discovery Plus.

  1. Amazon fire Tv
  2. Android Tv
  3. iOS devices
  4. Android smartphones/tablets
  5. Windows
  6. Mac
  7. Roko
  8. Xbox
  9. Smart Tv

How To Use Discovery Plus On A SmartTv

Although there isn’t a way to access Discovery Plus directly on Ps4, you can easily watch Discovery Plus on your smart tv. Here’s how to use Discovery Plus on a smart tv

  1. First, log on to discoveryplus.com and click the ”Start Free Trial” option to get a 7-day free trial
  1. Sign-up then choose a subscription plan you’ll like to pay for
  2. Next, download and install  Discovery + on your mobile phone and log into the account you created
  3. Make sure to connect your smartphone and smart tv with same wifi network
  4. Select the Screencast or screen share option on your phone and choose your smart television. 

You can now stream all your favorite shows on Discovery Plus from your smart tv screen


Can You  Cast Discovery Plus To Any Playstation Console?

No. There’s no way to cast Discovery Plus to any Playstation console as Playstation is currently not supported by Discovery Plus. You can screen-cast Discovery+ from a smartphone or tablet to a Smart television.

Can I Get Free Access To Discovery Plus?

Asides from the seven-day free trial offered on Discovery+; you can access Discovery Plus without a subscription if you’re a Verizon user.

Can You Watch Discovery Plus In 4K?

Yes. You can enjoy Discovery Plus in 4k, but this is limited to Apple tv and Fire Os apps. All other devices can only watch with full HD

Why Can’t I Watch Discovery+ On A Smart Television?

There is no definite reason why you may be unable to watch Discovery plus using a smart tv. It is possible that Discovery Plus may not be available in your country. Also, Discovery Plus may not be compatible with your device.

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