Why Is Godzilla Ps4 So Expensive?

Namco introduced Godzilla Ps4 in 2014, hoping many people would go after it. After the game took a try on the console front, the game had poor scores and a lot of critics despite Godzilla and his buddies trashing their enemies. When the license faded, Namco decided to let go of the production and decided to focus on other better-performing projects. Lets’ find out more reasons why the game is so expensive!

Reasons Why Godzilla Ps4 Is so Expensive

  1. Made by a Small Independent Developer Company

Products made by big production companies always have a huge accommodative budget. Unfortunately, after partnering with the main owner, Namco produced Godzilla. Production became slow and finally stopped as it did not gain predicted acceptance. That is why the prices of a new Godzilla Ps4 range between $160 and $250.  

  1. It Was a Contemporary Game

Godzilla Ps4 was released after years of Godzilla being the hero. Namco was only trying it before mass production, and unfortunately, the game did not gain acceptance as expected. Because it was in the testing phase and many players did not seem excited about it, Namco decided to stop its production after the license expired

Godzilla Ps4 was released after years of Godzilla being the hero
  1. It Has Exceptional Features

Godzilla Ps4 stands out as among the most impressive collector’s items going from $160 to$250. This has been contributed by including the Godzilla spirit in the game, making fans like it. Moreover, Godzilla Ps4 is promoted to another level when the monsters’ destruction level is improved. That made the best use of the Ps4 hardware. Players that wish to exploit special Godzilla modes also get the best with this game making it even more interesting.

  1. It Requires Powerful Hardware

The game is ade to exploit the hardware of the Ps4. This means that it was not easy to make it, and developers had to do a lot of research to improve it. The developers leveled up the destruction by the Godzilla monster leading to the requirement of powerful hardware. Moreover, it runs on the console and Ps4, which are powerful hardware.


What Makes Godzilla Ps4 Expensive?

Godzilla has proved to be among the most expensive fighting game. When it was released, the developer thought it would be the best selling, but unfortunately, it was not received as expected. It led to the fading of the license, and the company decided to focus on other projects while ending Godzilla’s production. Because the game became a rare commodity on Ps4, it has attracted huge amounts, especially for new games.

Why Was Godzilla Ps4 Removed?

Godzilla was listed among the delisted games because of the expiry of the license. When Namco realized the game did not get a warm reception in the market as expected, they decided to stop production, which led to the expiry of the license. But users can get Godzilla Ps4 in Japan.

Is it possible for a New Godzilla Game for the Console to be Released?

At the20202 Expo, 7levels developers recently confirmed that they have partnered with Legendary Entertainment to develop a new monster video game. The game is expected to exploit the strength of Godzilla and Kong, and it is expected to run on the console, Pc, and Nintendo Switch. The game will be huge, and Godzilla fans will enjoy it the most.

Where Can I Get Cheaper Games?

Some people believe getting games online is cheaper than purchasing them in normal stores. Downloading the games is also far more convenient, but there is no difference between buying a physical game and downloading one. Also, others believe if you have a PlayStation Plus, you may acquire games cheaply, but that is not the case. If you plan to sell the games in the future, it is good to buy the physical games.

Why Does the PlayStation Store Have Expensive Games Only?

People believe that PlayStation Store sells the newest releases and expensive games. Although the games are expensive, the pack always comes with considerable fun. Moreover, if you have a PlayStation gaming console, you are even luckier because of the many games that come at affordable rates.


Godzilla is an interesting game, but its scarcity on PlayStation 4, especially in the United States, has made the game to be costly. The game is unique and exciting, but many fans don’t understand why it is expensive. For Godzilla fans that would love to play the game in Japan, the good news is that they can easily download the game from their country and have fun on PlayStation 4 or3. If you are still unsure why Godzilla Ps4 is expensive, this guide is what you need!

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