Why is my ATT Uverse box not working?

AT&T is one of the popular choices for people looking for stable TV, phone, and internet connection all from one place. With Uverse box, they have been providing high-definition channels and on-demand movies and programs to become a one-stop solution for entertainment. But, like with everything, there might be a few issues and problems with the Uverse TV box, including malfunction in the power supply, problems in the hardware, loose cable connection, and unstable internet. Now you might be wondering why is my ATT Uverse box not working.

Here in this article, we will help you identify the possible cause of the error in your ATT Uverse box and fix them. 

How to Fix the ATT Uverse box not working?

There might be many reasons for your ATT Uverse box not to work correctly. Here, let’s first identify the common possible issues in your Uverse box impacting the functionality and how we can solve them.

  1. Cables

One of the common reasons your ATT Uverse box might seem like it’s not working might be due to any problems in the cables. Always check the cables for any physical damage and internal damage. You can use a multimeter to check the continuity. 

There also might be chances where the cables are loose, connecting the wires in the right spot tightly and securely.

  1. Power

One of the main things required to run a TV is power, so check for the power source. When the receiver is turned on, the power button will have a green light in front of it. Try unplugging and plugging the receiver into a working power outlet. Also, you can also notice a red light from your Uverse box.

  1. Wireless Access Point(WAP)

To troubleshoot the WAP, unplug it from the power outlet for 20-30 seconds and plug it in again. After WAP is turned on, pair the WAP and the receiver again. Press the WPS button on your WAP and the Ok button on your receiver. After about two minutes, the link light on the receiver will turn green.

Even when the receiver is too far from the WAP, your AT&T Uverse box might not work.

  1. Hardware Issues

Generally, if there is any problem with the box, the ATT Uverse box will have a blue light to notify the user. Check for any burnt fuse or check the antennas in your receiver. If nothing of the troubleshooting works, you can also take the receiver to an expert technician, or if you still have the warranty, AT&T can replace it. 

You can also check the battery by pressing your remote. Press the AT&T button on your remote, and you will see a bright red light if the batteries are good. But if you see a dim red light or no light, change the batteries.

  1. Internet

AT&T Uverse box needs an active and stable internet connection to function correctly. In case of a weak strength, you can reboot the router. Moving the router closer to the receiver ensures it receives good internal signal strength.

Ways to Troubleshoot your ATT Uverse box

If none of the steps works, you can try to troubleshoot your Uverse box, which is enough to fix most of the problems in your Uverse box. There are two methods you can use to troubleshoot your ATT  Uverse box.

  1. Using U-verse remote
  • Press Menu
  • Select Help and press the Okay Button
  • Navigate to Information>Troubleshoot & Resolve>TV>DVR or Picture.
  • Select the specific issue.
  • Follow the given instructions.
  1. Restarting your receiver
  • Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds.
  • The troubleshoot will take 5-8 minutes and affect the DVR recording progress.
  • For multiple receivers, reboot the wireless gateway by unplugging it in from the power source. Wait for about 5 minutes, and then plug it back in.


Are ATT Uverse and ATT TV the same?

Although they have similarities, ATT TV and ATT Uverse box are not the same. ATT Uverse box uses a fiber optic network offering a stable high-speed internet, telephone, and TV service. In comparison, ATT TV is a satellite TV service. Uverse box offers a wide range of channels compared to ATT TV, and Uverse customers can also watch shows and movies on demand. Uverse box is also more expensive than the ATT TV.

What do different lights from my ATT Uverse box indicate?

If you have a red light on your ATT Uverse box, it indicates that there might be any issues in the power supply or the gateway.
Also if you have a green light, it indicates that the gateway is powered on.
Moreover, if you have a flashing green light, it indicates that the gateway is turning on.
And finally, Amber light indicates that the firmware update is in progress. Don’t unplug your receiver until the update is completed.

Is ATT Uverse box discontinued?

Yes, the ATT Uverse box is currently not available for new customers. The existing Uverse customers will still be able to use their Uverse TV, but new customers can get the DirecTV Stream. ATT replaced its ATT UVerse TV with DirecTV in August 2019. From April 3, 2020, ATT officially discontinued its Uverse box for new customers.

Why does my ATT Uverse say no signal?

There might be cases where your TV might display ‘No Signal’, but the TV in the other room might be working completely fine. If just your TV is showing ‘No Signal’, it might be due to a problem with the TV’s input. The cables might be loose, or someone might have to change the input on your TV. Grab your remote and cycle through different inputs to check if it shows the ATT screen. If this doesn’t work, there might also be issues in the Uverse box. You can also check the cables connecting the box and the TV. 

Why is my ATT Uverse box blinking?

If you see the lights on your Uverse box blinking but no TV picture displayed, it is generally due to problems in the receiver coming online. Unplug your Uverse box from the power supply, wait for about 5 minutes, plug it back in, and restart the receiver. 


Even without any big issues or manufacturing defects, there might be cases when your ATT Uverse box might not be working. It might include different causes like problems in connection, hardware issues, problems in power supply, unstable internet and WAP issues. Hopefully, with this article, you were able to fix such issues in your ATT Uverse box. If you have any other concerns let us know in the comments below.

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