Why is my Facebook event showing the wrong time?

If you are a regular Facebook user, utilizing all its aspects, rather than just scrolling down to the timeline, you must have aware of Facebook’s event scheduling service. If you plan an event related to your work and you want to mention this on your timeline, Facebook offers you its event scheduling option in this regard, where you can post your scheduled event on Facebook and can share it with your friends. Although this Facebook tool is not only insightful but also practically helping out its users a lot. But still, it has come up with some issues, such as the users having trouble seeing the wrong time for the event. So, why Facebook event showing the wrong time? Well, we have the answer. Stick with us to the end.

Why is my Facebook event showing the wrong time?

Now, the question is why this happens to the users, making them irritate sometimes or uncomfortable. There can be reasons behind such as the time-zone of Facebook for the event is not accurately being set up by the users. 

It can also happen due to the wrong time settings on your device, where you are using Facebook and scheduling your event.

Another possible reason behind this can be the inaccurate time zone of your PC’s configuration and when it is not concurring with the authentic time zone of your current location.

If you are living in a country where you have to follow the “Daylight Saving Time” (DST), there it can happen that your event time will show inaccurate for your post viewers. Also, Facebook’s algorithm changes mostly in March and November which led to a change in the DST, and this can also cause an inaccurate display of the event time.

See the below screenshot:

See the below screenshot:

There are two events shown in this image. Both are showing a different time as per their schedule. However, if you have set the wrong time zone on your device, then these timings will be showing incorrect details, and you may miss the event due to the wrong timings. 

How to fix the issue?

To fix the issue, you have to know the reason behind it, once you know why it is happening, you can change the settings with the options given by Facebook. If the issue arises due to your PC’s wrong configuration, you can fix the date and time there, but before doing that, it is good to log out of your Facebook account and sign in again after fixing the issue.

FAQs on Facebook Account

Why my Facebook profile time-zone is wrong?

While signing up for Facebook, many users set their time wrong by mistake, or due to any other reason, that is why they face inaccurate profile time-zone on Facebook.

Why my Facebook events are always shown inaccurate times?

It happens because Facebook sometimes shifts to Daylight Savings Time, and the users may face their Facebook events off by one or two hours, whenever they logged into their accounts.

Can I see the exact time of a post on Facebook?

Yes, you can see the exact time of a particular post by checking the timestamp or by clicking the icon of the clock, which appears with every post. 

How can I view posts on a Facebook account according to the order of time?

For this, you can tap on your selected Facebook account’s profile picture and tap the option of “View profile as”, and then tap on the option of “Timeline”, here you go with all the posts of that account in chronological order with the exact timestamp.

Can I fix the date and time for my Facebook account?

Yes, you can change the date and time for your Facebook account by clicking the personalization section. Then the user will go to the “Settings” sections and tap on the “Timeline and Tagging Settings.” Here you can easily set your preferred date and time format.

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