Why Is My Oculus Not Charging?

Looking for a getaway to the virtual world? The Oculus Quest headset is your one-way ticket to the incredible space of virtual reality. Unlike most of its dignified counterparts, Oculus Quests operates as a stand-alone unit. The perfect headset defies the possibilities between real life and virtual reality. This article will show you Why Is My Oculus Not Charging.

Why Is My Oculus Not Charging

If you own one of these beauties, you can instantly access its room-sensing abilities and switch between both worlds. This headset is loaded with virtual games, entertainment, video games, and applications. And the best thing is that you can connect to your Oculus with only your iPhone or Android phone. That is, a computer isn’t required. 

In case you have trouble charging your Oculus fully, I’ve highlighted some causes and great fixes to solve them in this guide. So let’s have a look!

Reasons- Why Your Oculus Isn’t Charging?

Here are some primary causes of the delay in charging your Oculus.

  1. Incorrect connection. 
  2. Broken charging port. 
  3. Overheating. 
  4. Damaged power source. 
  5. Inconsistent charging sequence. 
  6. Weak battery. 
  7. Messy charger. 

8 Fixes to Resolve your Oculus Quest not Charging

Now we’ll look at each of these problems and highlight possible solutions to solve them.

Inspect the Battery Status

To know the reason why your oculus isn’t charging, it is important to check the battery’s health. Check the battery’s health by following the steps here. 

1. Launch your Oculus app on your iPhone or Android. 

2. Move to settings and tap on Devices. 

3. In the Controller section, you can see the battery health here. 

4. The battery health of your oculus can be distinguished in three different colors. 

  • Red means Low battery life. 
  • Orange means charging. 
  • Green means fully charged. 

If none of these colors are displayed when you connect your Oculus to a power source, have it checked immediately in terms of fault. 

Reduce Battery Temperature

If your Oculus battery is overheating, it is safe to assume that it won’t charge because of its  increased temperature. If it’s overheating while charging, disconnect it from the power source, switch it off and leave it to cool down for a while. 

After a while, turn it on after the battery temperature has cooled down. Then try recharging it again. Your Oculus ought to charge now. 

Reboot your Oculus Headset

To reboot your headset, press and hold down at the same time. Press your Power button to choose the reboot option. 

The reboot feature is also referred to as Soft Reset. Unlike the Factory reset, the files and games on your device won’t be erased. 

Change your Oculus Quest Charger

When your Oculus Quest headset has issues charging, it is mostly because of the charger. Either it isn’t compatible with your Oculus, or the charger is faulty or dirty. 

When you want to change your Oculus charger, it is preferable to use the original USB-C cable. This is the best alternative when considering a charger change. 

If it’s dirty, clean the charger port thoroughly and ensure dirt and dust particles do not block the charging port of your Oculus. 

Disable Auto Wake-Up in Oculus

  • Open your Oculus app on your iPhone or Android phone. 
  • Navigate to Settings. 
  • Tap on See All. 
  • Under Devices, move down and tap on Power. 
  • Tap on the toggle switch on Auto Wake Up to turn it off. 
  • When you disable this feature, your Oculus won’t be able to detect close objects immediately. This would prevent overheating, which could cause your Oculus to stop charging. 

Replace your Power Source

If your power source is damaged, it is important to change it as soon as possible. Once you change your damaged power source, your Oculus will charge properly. 

Activate Factory Settings

This would remove the current data on your oculus. Follow the steps here to reset your Oculus Quest headset. 

  1. Switch off your Oculus Quest headset. 
  2. Press the Volume- button and power button at the same time. 
  3. When the USB update mode comes up, use the volume+ and volume- buttons to move through the menu. 
  4. Select Factory Reset and use the Power button to continue. 
  5. Press the Volume+ button to confirm the factory reset. 

Alternatively, you can do this directly from your Oculus app. 

  1. After launching your Oculus app, move to Settings. 
  2. Tap on the Connected Device name. 
  3. Tap on More Settings. 
  4. Tap on Factory Reset and select Yes to confirm the action. 

Visit a Repair Technician 

This should come as a final resort. If all of the fixes and solutions provided here don’t work, it’s best to consult a professional technician who can identify the true cause of the issue and fix it in a matter of hours or days. 

FAQs On Charging Oculus

Why is my Oculus Quest not turning on or charging?

If your Oculus refuses to come on, this is because of insufficient power capacity. Your Oculus might be completely dead or undergoing a software update. Leave it for 30 – 60 minutes before turning it on. 

How do I know if my Oculus is charging?

Connect your USB-C cable to electricity. The indicator would turn to orange from red, indicating that your Oculus is currently charging.

Does the orange light mean Oculus is charging?

Yes, the orange light means your Oculus is charging. When it turns green, it means that it is fully charged, and when it’s red, it means that it’s dangerously low. 

What do I do if my Oculus is not turning on?

When your Oculus refuses to come on, restart the headset. Hold down the power button for 10 – 20 seconds to restart your Oculus.

How long does a fully dead Oculus take to charge?

When connected to an authentic Oculus charger, the USB-C cable adapter your Oculus will attain full power in 3 hours. So, use the original charger that comes with your Oculus to charge for fast and reliable charging.

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