Why is My Xtra Email Not Working?

Most businesses face hard times when sending emails, but their clients using the Xtra email claim they received no emails. From a business side, it can be frustrating, and in the case of promoting your brand or business, it becomes a blow on your face. Why are Xtra emails not working? This guide tries to uncover why Xtra emails fail to work at times and suggest solutions to fix the error.

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solutions To “Why is My Xtra Email Not Working?”

You are not alone if your Xtra email is not working as you expect. Most of us have encountered issues with Xtra email. Some issues involve the login sessions where our correct credentials are not working. Still, it could be that you are not receiving emails, and your recipients are not receiving your emails.

solutions To "Why is My Xtra Email Not Working?"

The internet connection is the first thing to check when your Xtra email is not working. Some users have reported that they realized they couldn’t log in to their accounts because of a poor network. So, check your network and confirm that it is not the reason why your Xtra email is not working.

Are you using the correct username and password? If you don’t remember your credentials, consider using the forgot password option to set a new password. If that doesn’t work, access the My Spark account and log in. Once you do, it will redirect to your Xtra email account.

Are you using the correct username and password? access the My Spark account and log in.

If, even after resetting your password, you can’t seem to fix the error, contact the Xtra email support team. It could be your account is deactivated or has other problems. 

Moreover, check your spam folder. It could be that anyone using the Xtra email is getting backlisted, which could be why you are not receiving emails. If you find your contacts are on the blacklist, whitelist them to continue receiving emails. Similarly, tell your recipient to check their spam folder to see if they can get the email you sent them. If that works, consider telling them to whitelist your email address to avoid missing out on the emails you send in the future.


What is the Problem with Xtra Email?

Many users have reported they have issues with their Xtra email accounts. Some have reported that their emails get blacklisted on the receiver end, while some have had issues with their account declining their actual login credentials. 

How Can I Access My Xtra Email?

To access your Xtra email, you must use your username and password to login into the Xtra mail account. If you forgot your credentials, consider accessing your My Spark account. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you will get redirected to your Xtra mail account. If you have no credentials for your My Spark account, use the forgot password to reset your password.

Can I leave Spark and Retain My Xtra Email?

Yes, you can. But here’s the thing, when you want to no longer associate with Spark, you can notify support. If you wish to keep using your Spark Xtra email, you must agree to pay per month a given fee for using their service. That’s the only offer they give. If you can’t agree with that, then you can’t continue using their email service once you’ve left Spark.

Can I Update My Spark Email?

Yes, you can. To update your email address, access your Spark account and navigate to the account settings. Locate the bill format option and click on it. Next, tap the change email address option. The on-screen prompts will guide you on how to continue with the process of updating your email. 

Why is My Spark Account Not Working?

If you are having trouble accessing your Spark account, there are various possible reasons, including poor internet connection. Still, it could be that you’ve forgotten your login credentials. If that’s not the problem, you likely deactivated your account. Try creating another account using a new email and see if that works for your case.


We understand how depressing it can be when you send Xtra emails, but the receiver does not get the emails. Xtra emails not working is not a new problem, and most users have complained about it. The good thing is that this article has helped you understand the problem affecting Xtra Spark emails and offered tips to solve the problem.

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