Why Is My YouTube Not Working On Ps4?

Recently a lot of users have reported an issue that YouTube is glitching on their PS4, and they can’t use the app. As many factors could cause this, the solutions are also variable. Read below to learn how you could approach the problem. In this article, we will discuss Why Is My YouTube Not Working On Ps4?

Simple Guide to Getting YouTube working again on the PS4  

With a PS4, you can not only play games on this console but also enjoy many streaming services and access many platforms. But sometimes, you may run into problems where it could show “An error has occurred” and not let you access the app. Then you could proceed as follows, 

Sign back into your Google account

  • Step 1: Go to the Homepage of your PS4. Click on “Settings,” that’s just beside the power button.
  • Step 2: From the list of menus, choose “Account Management.”
  • Step 3: A new set of options will open; click on “Link with other services.” You’ll see all the apps that you have installed on your PS4.
  • Step 4: Click on YouTube from the sidebar to proceed with the unlinking. 
  • Step 5: Choose “Sign Out” on the dialogue box, which will appear on your screen, showing your already linked account.
  • Step 6: You’ll be asked to confirm your action with another popup dialogue box; click on “Sign Out” again. This way, you’ll be logged out of your account.
  • Step 7: Click on YouTube again from the left sidebar to log back in.
  • Step 8: You’ll see a new page with a “Sign In” button. Hit that to continue logging in.
  • Step 9: Google’s sign-in page will open; enter your email and password, then follow the prompts on the screen to grant PlayStation access to your YouTube account. 

Now go back to YouTube; and see if the issue has been resolved and the app is back to functioning. But if, by chance, this didn’t work, the next one surely will. 

Clear the Saved Data from your PS4

  • Step 1: Go to the top bar of your home page and select “Settings.”
  • Step 2: Scroll below and look for “Storage,” click upon finding it. Wait a few seconds, and you’ll be able to see the total calculation of used data storage in your PS4.
  • Step 3: Select the “System Storage.” A new page will open.
  • Step 4: Select “Saved data,” and you’ll see the list of apps and games you have downloaded on your console.
  • Step 5: Find YouTube from the list and hit select.
  • Step 6: Inside that option remains the saved data for YouTube; you’ll need to clear all the data files saved there for the procedure to be successful. Select a file and hit the “Options” button.
  • Step 7: A sidebar will pop on the screen with the available options; choose “Delete.”
  • Step 8: Then go for “Select All,” and finally, when all the files are checked, hit “Delete.” 

Although this process means all of the YouTube app’s memory data will be cleared; so you’ll have to log in again. And any other YouTube account information that you may have saved will also be deleted.

Re-install Your PlayStation4’s YouTube App

  • Step 1: Go to your home screen and select “TV & Video” from the icons.
  • Step 2: Move to YouTube, and click on the “Options” key from the controller.
  • Step 3: A menu will pop up from the right side of the screen. Select the “Delete” option from the bottom of the menu.
  • Step 4: You’ll be met with a warning page informing you that all your data will be lost and asking if you want to go through with the process. We do, so hit “OK.” Then it will reload the home page; you’ll see that the YouTube app has been successfully removed from your PS4.  
  • Step 5: To re-install the app, go to the PlayStation store. And press on “Search.”
  • Step 6: You’ll be presented with a search box and a keyboard to continue with the search. You’ll have to use your controller for this step. And search for “YouTube.”
  • Step 7: Click on YouTube, and once it’s opened, hit “Download.” Depending on your internet speed, the download will finish sooner or later. 
  • Step 8: Select “OK” when the download is completed and open the app. You’ll have to re-enter your account information, and it’s done! 

If none of these methods work for you, then contact the concerned customer service without delay, which in this case will be YouTube support.

FAQs On Ps4

How many apps and games can I download on my PS4?

PS4 has a solid 500GB hard drive, so you can download as many contents as you wish within this memory slot. However, leaving some space empty enhances the optimality of the device. And allows the downloaded media to run smoothly.

Can I watch Netflix for free on PS4?

 Unfortunately, no. You can download the Netflix app for free on your PS4, but you’ll still have to pay for the subscription to be able to watch the shows. As long as your internet speed is up to the mark, you can watch tv shows at 1080p resolution. And even download them for offline viewing.

Why is YouTube not working on my PS4?

There could be several underlying issues, such as your google account may not be signed in, or YouTube might need to be updated. If your PlayStation is not up to date, it could also disrupt some apps. Also, ensure your internet connection is pristine; otherwise, none of the solutions will work. Hard drive overload could also hamper the smooth running of apps.

How do I check if my PS4 has been upgraded to the latest version?

 To check whether your PS4 is up to date, go to “settings” from the home page. Then select “Systems,” and under this segment, find “Console Information” and click that. You can check if there are any system updates available for your PS4. 

Concluding Remarks

PlayStation has always been a sensation in the gaming community. Glitches like having an app crashing are surely frustrating to the lot. Hopefully, the methods described in the post will help you guys. Peace! 

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