Why Is There a Ps4 Controller Shortage?

Every gamer understands the worth of their controller. You can move your players through the controllers and engage with the game, especially if competing with a friend. If you are a Ps4 fan, you know the shortage of Ps4 controllers, right? Sony has acknowledged the shortage, and with the increasing popularity of the Ps4, we can’t help but wonder what happens next. Follow the easy steps on Why Is There a Ps4 Controller Shortage?

Why Is There a Ps4 Controller Shortage?

Sony launched the Ps4 console in 2012, and since then, it has witnessed an increasing popularity of the gaming console. 

Ps4 Controller Shortage

Over time, the giant company has worked to offer a better gaming experience to many fans by enhancing its controllers. However, there is a shortage of Ps4 controllers, and every gamer can’t help but wonder why this is the case.

Here’s the thing; Sony initially underestimated the demand for its Ps4 controllers and only released around 200,000 controllers. The number couldn’t match the gamers’ demand, especially since each gamer requires around 2 or 4 controllers to enjoy the game with their friends.

Still, the shortage could be attributed to Sony wanting to introduce a new gaming console whose features may not align with the current controllers. If that is the case, it makes sense that Sony decided to release only a few controllers.

Also, if Sony mass-produced the Ps4 controllers and realized that they had some defects, that could explain why there is a shortage. They probably ended up recalling most Ps4 controllers to resolve the issue.

Ps4 Controller Shortage

If you are keen enough, you also noticed the new controllers are more expensive than the older ones, right? If the company realized so, they probably ended up producing the gadgets in less quantity to avoid a case of incurring losses when gamers fail to purchase the controllers.

The bottom line is that the shortage of Ps4 controllers mainly originates from Sony. Their math and estimations didn’t work out. However, we hope the company will resolve the issue soonest for all of us to game without limitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is There a Ps4 Controller Shortage?

The popularity of the Ps4 is the main cause of the shortage of controllers. Besides, Sony underestimated the demand for Ps4 and only developed a few Ps4 controllers. Consequentially, people started to notice a shortage of controllers, and some rushed to get extra controllers as stock, leading to a crisis in the shortage.

What is the Best PS4 Controller Alternative?

We understand that you could be looking for a Ps4 alternative, especially since there is a shortage of Ps4 controllers. You can consider using a gaining keyboard or a mouse if that’s the case. The point is to get control of your players, and if you can achieve that with the keyboard, you can use it as your Ps4 controller alternative. However, it won’t give you the fun and comfort you would get when using a controller.

How Can I Know If My Ps4 is Fake or Original?

It hurts to buy a Ps4 controller only to realize the gadget is fake. However, there are a few things you can look out for before determining if your controller is fake or original. First, assess its packaging. If the package seems off, that’s a red flag. Furthermore, if you look at the controller and notice the buttons are misplaced, that’s a sign that the Ps4 controller is fake, and you shouldn’t buy it.

How Should I Handle the Ps4 Controller Shortage?

While everyone is hyped about Sony’s Ps4, the controllers’ shortage crisis is becoming a concern. However, don’t rush to panic or get stressed if you have no spare controller. Instead, look for your friends who have extra to lend you before Sony neutralizes the shortage. Still, you can try to look for other sellers that might have the Ps4 controllers.

How Can I Get a Ps4 Controller?

With the current shortage of controllers, getting one can be a challenge. However, you can check with your gamer friend if they have extra controllers or look for a vendor who might be selling one. If lucky, you will get Ps4 controllers, despite the shortage.


Gaming is an ending fun to some people. Controllers are a key element of your gaming experience if you are a passionate or professional gamer. With Sony’s Ps4, there has been a shortage of controllers, and most gamers are unhappy about it. Hopefully, you now understand why there is a shortage of Ps4 controllers

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