Why won’t Instagram Load My Activity?

You may have switched on and off your internet device but let me tell you it’s not your fault. Yes, Instagram users may face an error in their feed showing that their Instagram feed has some critical issues. You might have filed a complaint against your internet connection. But there are many other steps or methods available you can follow to fix your “why won’t Instagram load activity feed” query in a few minutes.

You may also learn how to delete activity logs on Instagram easily.

Why won’t Instagram Load My Activity: Methods to fix Instagram feed loading error.

Below we have mentioned the best 08 ways to fix the Instagram feed. But before applying any method, make sure to restart your internet device and use it for other applications like youtube videos if it is working fine then follow any method from the below list and see which one works for you.

Method 01

If you are encountering the error randomly then simply close the Instagram application and remove it from recently used apps. Once all random memory (RAM) is cleared, then relaunch the Instagram app and see if it works. If this didn’t work then delete the app too and reinstall it from the play store, it will definitely work for you.

Method 02

If you have been facing the issue for a few days, then your Instagram application may not be fully up-to-date. Go to the play store and search for Instagram. At the top, you will get the Instagram application and update button. Update it instead of opening it. If you didn’t see any update button, then your Instagram is installed with the latest version. Skip to the next method then.

Method 03

Like Facebook, Some times we give access to an Instagram account to third-party applications to run other apps. It may be causing this error. Make sure to remove all authorization from your Instagram account and Gmail. It can also cause some privacy issues to your account. 

Method 04

This is the easiest and most effective method. If you have uninstalled the Instagram application, then you most probably need to restart your device. Your device may have saved some cache memory which is making this error.

Method 05

Android users can also delete the application data and all of the cache memory from their device managers. Go to settings and go to the storage of the device you will see the android folder open it and you will see three subfolders. OBB, Media, and data. Open one by one and delete the Instagram folders from it. Once deleted restart your device and now open the Instagram application. It will ask you to log in or create an account because we deleted all the data from our device. Now login to your device and it will play like a freshly installed copy.

Method 06

Changing your account status may also help you eliminate critical errors. Simply go to your profile and open settings by taping on the three dots at the top. Now swipe down and tap on the switch to a professional account. Make some necessary adjustments and you will again get a brand new experience on Instagram.

Method 07

If you are using a VPN to access a few features of Instagram, then you might need to disable the VPN and restart your device and application once again. VPN flowers the internet connection, which is one of the most reasons for this activity error.

Method 08

You may need to check out Twitter. We are not suggesting you switch to Twitter permanently, but you may see the trends on Twitter and see the status on Instagram. If nothing helps you from the above methods, then the Instagram server may be down and the only place to confirm the status of the server of Twitter.


What is Instagram Activity Feed? 

The Instagram activity tab is a section where all of your likes, comments, and followers’ information is shown. It is a notification store where every notification is stored and you can access them anytime. It makes the usage of any application so easy as you don’t need to work on outer websites to collect information about your followers and can respond to all the engagements from your device.

How to Fix the Instagram Couldn’t Load Activity Error on Your Device?

If you are facing the error “Instagram couldn’t load activity,” Then you can fix it by clearing your application data. Simply open the settings on your device and go to the storage portion. Now search for Instagram and clear the data and force it back to the previous version. Once done, then go to the play store and update the Instagram application once again to the latest version. When you open it, they will ask you again to create an account. Instead of creating an account, Login to your existing account and enjoy.

Why does my Instagram say it couldn’t load Activity?

There are many reasons for this error. Most of the users install third-party applications from the play store or random websites and open Instagram while processing them in the background, or they may be using VPN to have some extra features that aren’t available in their country. The simple way to get rid of this error is to reinstall the Instagram application.

Should we use Instagram DMs to share long videos?

On Instagram, you can share images, videos and posts with friends. You might think that what if you share large files on Instagram with friends? Let me tell you that it is not something that will work for you. Instagram does not allow the receiver to download your videos and images until and unless you give permission and does not support long video sharing.

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