Why Won’t The Xbox Turn On?

Many Xbox owners have been having this issue with their consoles lately. The Xbox won’t turn on and will power off by itself. It’s an annoying problem that can be very frustrating to deal with. If you’re experiencing a similar problem, hopefully, this article can help you fix it or provide guidance on what you should do next.

Soft-Reset Your Xbox and Restart 

  • If your Xbox One beeps but won’t switch on, trying a soft reset, power cycling, or both is the simplest and most popular solution.
  • Make sure you conduct the soft reset first since this operation will deplete your console totally of all saved power.

An Easy Restart

If your console is acting up, try performing a soft reset to release any pent-up energy. Because of this, there is no need to re-download or re-install any previously-installed games or applications.

Unplug the Xbox One from the wall and let it sit for 15 seconds to do a soft reset. While the system is disconnected, press the power button once or twice. Doing so will release any stored energy in the console’s capacitors.

  • Plug the console’s power cable back into the wall outlet. 
  • Turn the machine back on by pressing the power button and verify whether your problem has been addressed.

Power Cycle

If the soft reset does not work, continue a power cycle immediately. Once again, your games and other applications will not be harmed by this procedure.

To power cycle your Xbox One:

  • Click and grasp the power button for 10 seconds while your Xbox is turned off.
  • The power brick’s indicator light will flutter from orange to white. 
  • Standby mode has been activated when the indicator light on your Xbox turns to a constant orange. 
  • When your Xbox is in standby mode, pressing the power button again will turn it back on.

Xbox One Console Button Variants

Suppose the preceding soft reset and power cycle choices did not work for you. In that case, there are several alternative reset options you may test using different combinations of buttons directly on the console.

The internal program is likely locked in a loop and needs input to help break it. Pressing particular buttons may help accomplish that and get your console running again.

Triple Button Hold

To hit the three buttons at once and reset the internal software and stop the cycle is a common approach. If you have problems, you may use it repeatedly, and it won’t harm any stored games or programs.

To begin, simultaneously press the Power, Dislodge, and Synchronize buttons.

  • Keep your fingers on the buttons for ten seconds.
  • When the 10 seconds are over, you may let go of the Eject button.
  • Keeping holding the Power and Sync buttons for an extra 15 seconds is required.
  • To finish charging, press and clasp the Power and Sync buttons for 15 seconds.
  • Pressing the Power and Sync buttons simultaneously will cause the console to power on and visually begin the sync process.

Pressing The Eject Button

This has been the go-to remedy on many Xbox community boards.

It’s not what you’d expect, but it’s worked to refresh the system software and get their Xbox back up and running for many folks.

  • To do this, just press the Eject button ten times in rapid succession.
  • When selecting this option, a disc in the tray is not required.
  • The goal is to divert the program’s attention to anything else, such as opening the disc tray. Putting in a fresh disc is one option you may explore.
  • The program loop might be broken, and the components could shift their attention to reading the disc you just inserted.

Typical Causes Of An Xbox One Failing To Boot

The Xbox One is not booting, and the beeping might be due to a number of potential issues. There isn’t a single, universally simple, or cheap answer to each problem; rather, there are several, each tailored to a specific situation.


  • Overheating might cause the Xbox to beep and refuse to power on. This may happen if the console is left on for long periods of time or if dust prevents air from circulating around it.
  • Turning off the Xbox for at least half an hour will allow the power supply and internal components to cool down after being on for a long time.
  • Taking a little pause will let the system’s temperature drop, which will help forestall such problems in the future.
  • If dust has settled in the vents of the controller, you may clear it using a can of compressed air or a soft brush. Overheating is avoided, and airflow is increased as a result.

Problem With Power Supply Brick And Cord

Due to a malfunctioning power supply, your Xbox may be beeping but not powering on.

Either the chord or the wall adapter will do. Aged power bricks may be unable to handle the console’s current demand, resulting in intermittent beeping and eventual failure to power up.

In most cases, the solution is as simple as getting a new power brick and connecting wire. Fortunately, both Amazon and Xbox itself provide a selection of third-party power supplies for Xbox systems.

  • You may choose to switch out the cable and the brick at once, or you can swap out just one of them first.

Internal Power Supply Failure.

If the issue could not be traced back to the cable or power brick providing electricity, it was likely caused by the internal power supply unit.

  • This integral portion of the console might overheat and malfunction on rare occasions.
  • Even though this part is easily replaceable, the repair is fairly pricey and will need the services of a skilled specialist.
  • It’s usually more economical to get a newer console than to repair an older Xbox.

Condensation On The Motherboard

  • Electronics should never be exposed to moisture. Xboxes’ motherboards and other internal components might become damp from humidity or malfunctioning the system’s liquid cooling system.
  • This my occur if the Xbox is kept in a chilly place and switched on or if the user is playing in a humid environment.
  • No of the reason, moisture on a motherboard may lead to anything from a complete failure to boot up to intermittent beeping.

In addition, if the dampness on a motherboard is too great, it may cause sparking and short circuits.

To aid with the drying out of your console, you may do things like:

You may let the moisture drain by tilting the console or use a hairdryer to dry the internal components to their coldest setting.

  • Relax and let the Xbox a couple of days to air out on its own if it’s wet 
  • To reduce the amount of humidity in the space, you should use a dehumidifier.

Buy A New Xbox 

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get your Xbox One to boot up, it may be time to replace it. The Xbox Series S, the tiniest Xbox ever, maybe the solution you’re looking for if that’s the case.

FAQs on Why Won’t The Xbox Turn On

Why isn’t my Xbox going on although it’s plugged in?

 There are many possible causes for your Xbox One console not to turn on. The power supply might be defective or incorrectly connected. The console might be damaged or overheated. Alternatively, the controller may just need recharging.

How can I force my Xbox One to boot up?

Holding down the GUIDE button on the Xbox controller or the button on the front of the Xbox system will turn it back on. When it is back online, go to SETTINGS > POWER & STARTUP and re-enable Instant-on.

What should I do if my Xbox One won’t turn on?

If not, a factory reset is a simple procedure. Simply click the Xbox button, go to Profile & System > Settings > System > Console details > Reset console, and then hit the Reset console button. You may now select whether to preserve your data and applications or to completely erase them. Additional steps are necessary if your Xbox One gets stuck at the black screen of death.

 How long can an Xbox One be used?

 Most consoles will last 6-8 years with normal usage and good care. Otherwise, you should not expect your Xbox One to function correctly. Every electronic gadget, whether a computer, laptop, or game console, needs adequate maintenance to endure a long time.

  Is the Xbox One equipped with a fuse?

A fuse is included in the Xbox power supply to safeguard your system from power surges and overvoltage. This fuse is not replaceable.


If you’re having problems booting up your Xbox One, try the above solutions before resorting to costly repairs or a new console. A soft reset and/or power cycle should be your first line of defense. Your Xbox has a good possibility of being completely revived if you try one of them.

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