Will AOL Email Shut Down?

AOL is an American online service provider located in New York City. AOL was formerly known as AOL Time Warner, America Online, Quantum Computer Services, and Control Video Corporation. This article includes a detailed guide on Will AOL Email Shut Down.

This evolution in the company name change and the recent termination of some services provided by AOL has kept their subscribers pondering if AOL email will shut down. If you’re on this train, you’ll find the correct answer to this question in this article.

Will AOL Email Shut Down?

AOL was making a splash in the web space in the mid-1990s. Its popularity made it a trusted brand for dial-up services, instant messaging, and internet access.

On June 23, 2015, Verizon purchased AOL, and on May 3, 2021, Verizon announced that it would sell AOL to a private equity firm. With this development, it’s unclear if AOL email will cease to exist.

Despite rumors that AOL email will shut down, AOL has not stated that its email service will shut down anytime soon. Even after AOL was purchased by a private equity firm, Apollo Global Management, AOL email users still have access to their inboxes.

With the number of AOL email users worldwide, the AOL email service won’t be seeing the dark anytime soon.

Tips For AOL Email Users

Update your AOL email account regularly to ensure optimal functionality and security. These account updates include account passwords, account security questions, and account identity verification.

You can set your AOL email experience to fit what you want to use the email. Like adding a signature, resizing AOL email panels, switching between regular and basic AOL email, and lots more personalized features.

You can access your AOL email on any device, anytime, or anywhere. All you need to do is to remember your username, password, and security question.

FAQs On AOL Email

Is The Classic Version Of AOL Email Being Replaced?

Nothing stays the same forever; there must be a change. AOL replaced the classic version in 2019, so it is time for you to update to the latest version if yours is still outdated. By updating, you’d be protecting your email access. Your necessary data is of high priority to AOL. That’s why they keep strengthening the security of their system to protect it from threats.

What Will Happen To My AOL Email Address If It’s Inactive?

Suppose you’re an existing AOL email user whose account has been inactive for 90 days. In that case, you’ll receive a message requesting that you sign in to your account. If you are inactive for 180 days, AOL will delete your email from the system. Sadly, you might fail to reclaim your AOL email even if you contact customer support.

Why Has My AOL Email Stopped Working?

There are a few things that might cause this problem. One of which is the mail server issue. Other issues are routing issues and heavy internet traffic. If you experience this, you can not determine if the message was undelivered or delayed. To fix this, wait a while or resend the email.

How Do I Switch From AOL To Gmail?

You must download Gmail and AOL apps on your device to switch from AOL email to Gmail. In the AOL email app, run Express Switching. Enter your AOL email address and your new Gmail address, tap switch, and close. It will take 30 days for the switch to be completed. If you want to discontinue, go to your AOL email and cancel your action.

Did AOL Discontinue Love.com Email Addresses?

AOL made it clear via their website that from April 30, 2022, AOL users won’t be able to use the love.com email address to send or receive emails. But you can access your email using your sign-in details to view previous emails and attachments.


AOL has not announced the closing of its email service. However, the rise of email service alternatives may further decrease the user base of AOL. We hope this article has shed some light on the future of AOL email. Use the comment box to drop your contributions and questions; we will gladly appreciate it.

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