Will I have To Pay Cancellation Fee For HelloFresh?

If you live in the US, you might know about an online meal-purchasing platform HelloFresh. This platform provides you with meals that suit your diet because you can make your custom meal on this platform. In this article will discuss Will I Have To Pay Cancellation Fee For HelloFresh?

Many subscription platforms charge customers cancellation fees due to their rules and regulations. You cannot argue with them because customer care will only cancel your plan once they cut the required withdrawal fees.

Sometimes you want to quit your meal plan that you once started from HelloFresh because you have gained the required body shape you wanted. However, you don’t know about the cancellation process and if there is any cancellation fee for HelloFresh.

Let’s find out in this article what Hello Fresh rules and regulations are associated with plan cancellation. Without wasting time, let’s jump into the article to explore the conditions provided by HelloFresh.

What Is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is a platform based in the US where you can purchase any customized or pre-made meals. They also give the option to choose meals according to the required persons. It helps in wasting less food and consuming the required portion.

You can ask the experts on this platform about healthy or strict diet plans. They charge fees that depend on your diet plan’s difficulty or how much weight you want to maintain on your body.

You will definitely use an online meal purchasing system when you are busy with your office work or business and don’t have time to cook a meal or buy from outside.

You can set your whole month’s meal plan on this platform, and you don’t have to worry about anything. The meal will deliver to your doorstep once you pay the required money.

Will I have To Pay a Cancellation Fee For HelloFresh?

The rule on HelloFresh states that if you cancel your meal plan five days before dispatching the next meal plan, the following meal plan fee will not get cut. 

If the time of cancellation is after 11:59 P.M, then we are afraid that you also have to pay for the next meal plan.

We have provided a step-by-step guide to cancel your HelloFresh plan successfully.

Steps For Hello Fresh Cancellation

You must follow each step below to avoid any inconvenience during the termination process:

1. Open the Hello Fresh Website

Open Hello Fresh Website

Use your laptop or PC and open any browser on which you use transactions for various purchases. Search for hellofresh.com and open the official website.

On the main home page, you will see the login button at the top right corner of the screen. Please click on the login button.

2. Enter Login Credentials

Enter Login Credentials

In this section, you must enter the login credentials of your Hello Fresh account. If you somehow forget the password, click the “forgot password” button, recover your account, and log in again.

3. Choose Account Settings 

Choose Account Settings

Once you log in to your account, your meal plans and schedule will show on the screen. You will see your name on the upper right screen corner with an arrow button. 

Click on it, and a list will open in the downward direction. Choose the account settings option from the list by clicking on it.

4. Open Plan Settings

Open Plan Settings

In account settings, navigate to the plan settings option. Click on plan settings and scroll down to the bottom to locate the cancel plan button. 

Also, check your upcoming meal date on the deliveries calendar and ensure that the dispatching date is after five days to avoid following meal charges.

5. Click on Cancel Plan

Click on Cancel Plan

When you scroll down to the bottom of the plan settings menu, you will see the cancel plan button. Click on the cancel plan button to start the plan termination process. 

6. Check Remaining Balance And Click On Cancel Plan

Will I have To Pay Cancellation Fee For HelloFresh

You will be directed to a new window where your remaining balance and all credit data will show. If you want to keep the remaining amount to purchase the meal, click “keep my benefits.”

Otherwise, click on cancel if you decide not to use Hello Fresh services further.

7. Mention the Reason

Will I have To Pay Cancellation Fee For HelloFresh

The platform will ask for feedback about the cancellation reason in this section. Select any pre-made option or make a custom comment to say Hello Fresh, the reason for leaving this platform.

8. Send Your Feedback If Any

Send Your Feedback If Any

A message will show on the screen at the top of your subscription cancellation. If you want to give them proper feedback, type that in the comment box below and click on the “send feedback” button.

FAQ On Will I Have To Pay Cancellation Fee For HelloFresh

Are There Any Time Limitations Of Cancelling HelloFresh?

There is no time limitation to cancel the HelloFresh plan, but if your next meal batch is already dispatched, you have to pay the amount for that too. 
That is why HelloFresh advised customers on their platform to cancel the plan five days after subsequent meal dispatching.

How Do I Completely Cancel HelloFresh?

You can altogether cancel your HelloFresh by following the steps below:
1. Open the HelloFresh website on your PC or laptop browser
2. Log in to your HelloFresh account
3. Open the account settings menu
4. Locate plan settings 
5. Click on cancel my plan button at the bottom of the page
6. Provide the reason for the cancellation
7. Check your account credits status
8. Click on cancel anyway

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